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  1. Kevin, if you don't honestly think the main percentage of your community is here for roleplay, why don't you just remove all guns minus pistol? Bet you £20 if you remove all the guns minus pistols you'll find the server dead within a few weeks. This is simply because people enjoy combat, arma 3 is a combat simulator, people haven't installed it to play SIM's. I respect and understand you want roleplay but there can be gunfights alongside that? You should consider what has been recommended. Whether you like it or not, this is what the community wants that plays the server and these are the people that are on your server when they could easily be on another server. You have a great chance to be easily one of the best ARMA 3 servers but you need to be more open to combat.
  2. This post was really inspiring and I really hope the community of The Phoenix would consider this.
  3. Has a date of the first one been accepted?
  4. It would be a small village gunfight at HAVOC CP if the DMT's are removed!
  5. he still alive to this day btw
  6. Not easy to do at some areas ect Havoc CP where you're not even able to get into one of the areas.
  7. Remove all of them. They lead to people tower lagging up there and people complaining about bullshit deaths. They're not simple to push as they give overwatch of the whole area. Replace with deerstand Was originally accepted and implemented but seem to have gotten back into the server:
  8. ASP isn't used for sniping. Anyone who uses it, will use the gun with a holosight as its a CQB weapon. Add back in pls? ty
  9. Hardly, I have used both DMS Khalia, LRPS, AMS, Nightstalker and TWS. Im not sure what you're trying to argue at this point anymore but regardless of how far away they are as soon as they shoot you know where someone is . Instead of these gunfights where there is one person hidden in a bush with a silencer 1 click out resulting in the gunfight lasting 20 minutes longer as you try and find this one guy. Thus leading to the gang members continuing the fight when it could be ended. Also leading other players not being able to go to the that place due to the gunfight taking a lot longer.
  10. How can they when they only got a DMS at max? You realise you'd still hear them shooting regardless of how far they are away?
  11. Peoples wont be on hills sniping as sniper scopes are no more and with silencers removed ppl will be closer. People will learn from death that if ur trying to snipe and have no silencer you'll get spotted and dead so people will play closer to other people thus bringing community and love? Make sense? Good stuff ty Love Ghost
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