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  1. it kinda ruined arma for me, spent so much time working on the server and rping that starting over just feels like a bit too much work
  2. As for the base building aspect have a look at what a server called [REDACTED] has. (Don't know if they still have it didn't play there for a long time)
  3. Time Submitted: 11:00:33 AM | 05/28/20 Submitted By: Lukas Muellerr Forum ID: 8414 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Server improvement What Is Your Suggestion: To bring the server back phoenix needs something to set it apart, my idea for that is: A more player-determined map. Let us have an impact on the map by being able to more permanently take control of areas, patrol them, place things in them and convince people to move etc. Also company HQs would be a thing that not many servers have and something that we could very well use. Allow us to colonize the areas that are now red zones and maybe slightly beyond and make the wars for cities scheduled events between gangs that control places around the cities. People moving around to find the best location to live for better taxes, condition and security would leave more room for change in the server and every day would be unique! This would make a more realistic environment for players and allow gangs to attack each other's territories, sort of like Antistasi but with players on both sides. Building our own bases around houses would also be better. The current economy is also a place where there could be improvement and should be more player driven.( market that drastically affects the price based on what people are selling/buying)
  4. it's emigration, not immigration. Immigration means people are coming, emigrating means they are leaving.
  5. This is a trailer for our upcoming documentary, "ALTIS AFTER HAVOC"
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