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  1. <22:13:53> "One That Shall Not Be Named": miss you
    <22:13:55> "One That Shall Not Be Named": <3
    <22:13:57> "One That Shall Not Be Named": xxxxxxxx
    <22:14:17> "Quinn": Who are you?
    <22:14:31> "One That Shall Not Be Named": Clue: SQUEAKER
    <22:14:36> Chat partner has closed the conversation
    <22:14:40> "One That Shall Not Be Named": XD
    <22:14:41> "One That Shall Not Be Named": X
    <22:14:42> "One That Shall Not Be Named": D

    1. Quinn


      <22:21:32> Chat partner has closed the conversation

    2. Jord


      Woow what a cool name! Did you know there's a sign out button top right if the forum? Try it out Kappa

  2. Vanquish | Recruiting

    Name: The One Who Shall Not Be Named
  3. 8 Bans? Second Legit Ban.....But Ok :P Have a  good time boys.

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    2. Jord
    3. Nick


      Am I the only one who read this in Jay Breans voice?

    4. Samuel Redbane
  4. Ban Appeal - C0P B41T3R - 10/29/17

    Time Submitted: 05:21:58 PM | 10/29/17 Submitted By: Jay Brean (84) In-Game Name: C0P B41T3R Steam / Player ID: 76561198248369674 Administrator who issued ban: Kev Date of ban: 10/29/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: fail rp - no value of life - 1v8 What reason was given for your ban? fail rp - no value of life - 1v8 Why should you be unbanned? Because i feel i didnt have enough time or means to defend myself and but also...... i made a mistake and i messed up, and at he end of the day this is my second ban. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): None didn't get to resolve.
  5. dont DDOS  me anymore plz

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    2. Tim


      whos them?

    3. Jay Brean

      Jay Brean

      Dunno TBH probs Reborn Scrubs

    4. ninj


      I am very bored so I decided to comment on this, hi

  6. Like how you can get "gun ban"?


    1. Tim


      He didn't tell management to kill himself, nor did he dupe money. A lot of difference

  7. Fox Hound

    Fuck me
  8. @Kevin Let me state iam nothing to do with Logan Paul 

    1. Kevin


      I'd rather have Jake Paul

  9. British Firm - Gang Recruitment

    Jusso if I wasn't gun banned I would play with you
  10. British Firm - Gang Recruitment

    +1 Best gang on PhoenixRP Cuz my man jusso is in it
  11. British Firm - Gang Recruitment

    What a meme ???... Nah I understand our first experience wasn't a good one yah know when a killed a whole gang of 8 on my own and then a few more. But anyway @ivy @EnJuuso I'm banned from using guns for one month and if I do use them I get bannned.

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