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  1. Cobra The OG

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest

    https://imgur.com/8kzl1O2 This my contribution
  2. Cobra The OG

    Bodyguards For hire

    Can you please explain the pricing structure with an example?
  3. Cobra The OG


  4. Cobra The OG

    APC in a nutshell PT2

    Dno tbf , think it’s before the bit where your cry like a bitch ?
  5. Cobra The OG

    Altis Life Event: Phoenix Races

    Fair play, however it seems people have to complain to get an event ... whenever someone does complain on the day , or the following days there’s always an event
  6. Cobra The OG

    Altis Life Event: Phoenix Races

    I do rate this, fair play
  7. Cobra The OG

    House Marker on Map

    Would make it a lot better when streamers, like myself occasionally, are playing. Takes one less thing to worry about off the list.
  8. Cobra The OG

    Community Events

    We were told every 2 weeks there would be an event. Every time I moaned about when the next event way they’d always say wait, No offense to yourself Cobra, however, this seems to be the standard answer to any question posed to the event team. That there’s “ more in the works “ or whatever yet nothing comes into effect n the end. People might have more faith in the event team if they ever kept there promise of an event every 2 weeks in the first place.
  9. Cobra The OG

    APC in a nutshell PT2

    This is one accurate representation of me
  10. Cobra The OG

    CSAT Ghille

    I don’t remember either tbf. I used to have a house filled with lots of rare shit in and lost it all.
  11. Cobra The OG

    CSAT Ghille

    One ghille will look like this ... This will be worth less since it looks terrible and doesn't really blend in with the environment. The other will look like this But with a more military vest looking chest area. This will be worth more.
  12. Cobra The OG

    CSAT Ghille

    If it’s the horrible looking one maybe 1-2m , if it’s the bush Wookie one then it’ll probs be 2-4m
  13. Cobra The OG


    Bussiness buildings in Kavala would defiantly reward those who are willing to put in some good RP and effort into their bussiness. Think they should be earnt and not go to those who have the biggest pot of gold. Would be good also for the new players that join the server, to see that you are rewarded if you put the effort in.
  14. Cobra The OG

    Advice on buying a home/gang base.

    Gang bases go on auction each month. These are compounds that are military in nature. You can spawn in them, buy gear inside of them and spawn vehicles. These usually go for 20m-50m in price. Dependant on the gang base and then demand for them. A house is something that is player owned. They usually cost 750k-2.2m It can be turned into a gang house that's shared with the people in your gang. You can store physically items them with the use of crates. For instance weapons and clothing. You can also store virtual items in the house, drugs , food, drink and so on.