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  1. There all worthless, so go and give this thread some love
  2. Some of them already have a drop rate close to that
  3. I understand , but it doesn’t stand up with what it was like before. You could fit around 3.5k of weapon weight into one crate before.
  4. Cobra The OG


    Would be good if you could craft mid - long range scopes. LRPS’ DMS , AMS , Khalia. Also to add Mar -10 mags to crafting like previously. Also would be nice to add MK-1s , MK-18, MK200 aswell. Also the respective suppressors. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to craft these items. At the moment we had low to medium tier weapons , then very high tier. Just no high tier.
  5. I quite like it, if you want more perks then you Prestige. However doesn’t mean that a massive advantage is given to those that are a high prestige. Initially I didn’t like it , however it’s grown on me. At around prestige 3 I find myself not really needing anymore perk points.
  6. Well it’s good for the moment and it’s boosted the amount of first time players on the server. Hopefully they will be the next generation of player.
  7. Despite having 4 houses and a warehouse , im struggling to store my weapons as they weigh shite loads. It also forces me to be in my own gang because I need a warehouse. I think a lim is like 250. Before I could store 3500 worth of V Weight in one crate. It would be nice if the weights could be reduced by 1/3 to match what it was. For instance one airdrop I got , forced me to get another 3000+ inventory space for my house. Meaning if you do a few airdrops then all your houses are full.
  8. Yeah man , because being appreciative of people that invest there time into the server is a kiss ass. You’ll go very far.
  9. If someone needs a few more mags , I have some for sale privately.
  10. It’s red zone however, people would just KOS havoc and cops on site.
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