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  1. Cobra The OG

    Mar 10

    Yo its the mar 10 you got off me after vdming my heli ! Great
  2. Cobra The OG

    Jedi Cobra

    Maybe when I pull my finger out 😂🤷‍♂️
  3. Cobra The OG

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    I do , people don't always shotgun then you need to open your eyes, there big gangs on the server that actually offer something, fonder of them than other gangs
  4. Cobra The OG

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    It is when you gotta be 100% sure to ban someone, cant go of assumptions and hey what about if it is just tower lag? gonna ban everyone? AEX, SPN BIA, MRK , BSB that a few, might not do many cartels and armouries but actually offer something other then being a death squad
  5. Cobra The OG

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    Lag is unfair ~? Not hard to lag switch the fuck out of a tower kill everyone without them seeing you and blame it on tower lag, the usual excuse. There's no skill or decent combat involved with looking at a door and running up some stairs
  6. Cobra The OG

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    But that's up to the discretion of the user, could be abused horrendously bad, what's difficult in taking your mate out in a heli to a medic if the situation is over? I mean people say there's few rebels but there's never been so many?
  7. Cobra The OG

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    Epipen - It sounds horrendous, fighting people and they can just get revived by their friend on the spot, what's the point in medics? Agreeably there should be a player revive system, but after about 10 minutes, just to stop the long wait if medics are busy and combat revving should also then stand for civilians. I don't want to have to kill someone 10 times because his friend has shit loads of EpiPens. Weapon and mage dropping - Again sounds crap, you'd have hobos running around with pistols giving shite initiation, doming people for their guns, doesn't exactly encourage RP. Would mean people would rob each other for gear wayyy more often, and also be inclined to dome them in the head, considering they'd get there gun. Would turn into a shit fest, also what happeneds when a hobo runs up to the guy and steals his gun? DMT - DMT's are the literal pain of any arma server. The lag is mental, the tactics are shit and its just a fuck fest for arguments and scummy play. Mazi bay is a decent location to fight, I've fought there multiple times, actually takes some form of skill to play it right, both attacking and defending, and if your getting sharked, then go somewhere in the HQ or the deerstand, or hug the rocks, lastly if your getting hit by the hills, keep your head down, they don't have an angle on you. Impound - Impound system is fine, don't leave your vehicle out in the first place, its a pain in the ass when people just leave shit everywhere, might actually encourage people to put their vehicles away like they're meant to be. Fueling - Again the system is fine, makes you utilize the features on the server more, like gas canisters and service stations and keeps things realistic. Loadout costs - If you have a problem making money on the server, or affording Mk-1 loadouts then you must be doing something seriously wrong, money literally is sooo easy to get on the server , the times you've suggested for the money output are wayyyy out , takes me around 15 mins to make 1m+. It aint hard at all.
  8. Cobra The OG

    Fixes For The Prestige System

    Right now the prestige system is in a rough spot. The system on paper should reward players for grinding out experience, whether that is through picking apples of saving lives while being a medic. Prestiging itself required a decent amount of grinding and a lot of spare cash. To get to prestige 10, requires over £200m+ and an extreme amount of time. The problem being, there are crucial perks that help your gameplay out massively. Repair perks. paycheck perks for faction lovers, first aid perks and so on. All that is much missed when you break the bank putting your level back to 0. Not only this, due to the ingame donator perks, even the reward with having a different color name is useless. If you wanted it that much, you'd just donate the £10 or whatever it is to get it. So overall, its just a waste of money and time, since there is no benefit at all. There's definitely room for improvement on the system. Potential Fixes Unlock Any perk token - This would mean, that when you prestige you can unlock any perk to keep forever. Meaning, the higher the prestige you are, the more perks you can always have no matter what level you are. This would mean, the fundamental perks that everyone loves they would get to keep, promoting people to prestige more. As mentioned above, things you take for granted you lose, not being able to heal up to 100%, losing your repair kits, losing money on paychecks and so on. This would definitely be an improvement on the current system. Reduce the level requirement on perks - I think that when you prestige, the level requirement for perks should be reduced by 3. So the First aid perk, currently is unlocked at level 15. So after you prestige the first time, it will be reduced to level 12. 2nd time it will be level 9 and so on. This way, you feel like your actually progressing. That you're not just resetting your level back to 0 every time and struggling to grind out the experience to get those beloved perks. It's balanced because the more lucrative perks are naturally at a higher level. Gain more perks per prestige - At the moment, the only real gain you get currently is I believe, you get gifted more perk points per prestige, for instance when you prestige the first time around, you get like 3 perk points. I personally it should be increased, to maybe around 5 per prestige. This way, again you can gain more perks overall the higher your prestige is. It makes it more worthwhile. Naturally, over time the number of points you have will stock up, meaning you can get a lot more perks for when you progress, as you start having to really pick and chose by the time you level 15+. 2.5% Price reduction per prestige - Obviously increasing your prestige level is very costly. It's not a cheap investment, not only this it takes a long time to just grind out experience. People can be sat, bored starting aimlessly for hours in an apple field just grinding out experience, or they can do runs, which would take a much much longer time to get anywhere near the amount of experience. It's a long process that takes a lot of time. I personally think, because of the time and money investment there should be a better gain rather than just perks. Reducing the prices of everything based on your prestige level would mean, those that really do grind it out, get rewarded in the long run, via cheaper items. This would definitely be an incentive to prestige. These are a few suggestion I can think of, from the top of my head that would help improve the system. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  9. Cobra The OG

    Scrap mechanic for Police

    I mean vehicles are literally Civs pride and joy, all their money goes into them, to scrap someone's car at this stage, is literally like wiping their account...
  10. Cobra The OG


  11. Cobra The OG

    A few bugs.

    Originally , weed worked fine and opium proccesing just didn’t exist. Then they realised a changeloG and said they fixed the runs, however it then broke for me. Even got Jeff a devolper to confirm it didn’t work.
  12. Cobra The OG

    A few suggestions to balance it out.

    Yea. The reason I play , FIveM , is because it offers a lot of realism and immersion , however when a Ford Focus is going quicker than a super car , and is as strong as a tank. It’s a little unfair.
  13. Cobra The OG

    A few suggestions to balance it out.

    These are the problems I've found as playing as a civ. Cops vehicles are op - Cops cars that are meant to be like ford focuses and stuff like that, outpace the supercars and are just in general insane. Its extremely as its impossible to out chase a cop in any circumstance. The acceleration is phenomenal and top speeds are unmatchable. Lastly, the cars have like 100% armor. So the cops just ram you and ram you, until you car is broken and then just out and get you. Obviously, this needs to be fixed as they're not driving tanks. Cops weapons op - At the moment, civilians cant gain masses of money, since runs are broken, also we cannot buy any ammunition for our guns. Yet cps can easily get AR's and SMG's, of which is just insane. Since only SOME civilians have pistols max. Cops shouldn't be able to get anything more than a pistol at this point in time. As its insanely OP otherwise. Undercover cops op - Its just ridiculous that there are undercover cops. Cops are already unbelievable OP and untouchable right now, let alone undercover cops that are going around catching people out. It is a joke. Use them when there is actual competition and the server actually functions. Jail times - I've seen people get put into jail for like 45-60 minutes. Which is insane. Cops should be way more lenient at this current moment in time since most are just testing things out and having fun. Also in general, anything over 25 minutes just shouldn't be a thing. It's not a jail simulator. Especially when a cop sees you, chances are you going jail. Too many cops - A good amount of time, there's about 20-50% of the server population on as cops. There should be a maximum of around 5 cops on at any time. Just to give people an actual chance especially in the state that the cops are in currently. Runs not immersive - Run locations are in decent areas. I like the fact that most are in and around buildings requiring you to go inside and explore, would be good however if are a high presence of the drugs inside the buildings. Like actual weed plants in the trailer, stacks of cocaine in the club etc. Also some form of interaction other than driving to locations and clicking "E" would make it more intresting. Civilian body armor - Currently Civilians cannot get anybody armor. I don't know if this is a bug, But it needs to be fixed for sure. Reduce Weapon Costs - Would be nice to actually pose some form of a threat without breaking the bank and all your piggy banks to buy a pistol. Final optimization of the servers economy should be done when it works, not when shits breaking left right and center. I'll add to the list when I can think of more ! Thank you.
  14. Cobra The OG

    A few bugs.

    These are the problems Ive found as playing as a civ. Runs money and XP need to be optimized. You make the same amount of money from lumberjacking as you do meth. Also, meth sells for the most illegally as well, so illegal runs need a major buff. Also, you get a weird amount of XP. You get more XP from coke by a LOT compared to meth. I don't know if there's meant to be a trade off, but it'd be nice to know. Weed field - Doesn't actually work, meaning you cant collect weed to start the run. Opium processing - Doesn't actually work, meaning you can process the opium. You cannot buy any ammo for your guns. Meaning you need to keep buying overpriced weapons again and again. Also apparently Carshops don't actually save the upgrades to the vehicles.
  15. Cobra The OG

    Need one of these ah

    that pretty fucking badass, shame it'll be a mod