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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/cobratheog/clip/SilkyCourageousWolfNotLikeThis
  2. So fucking hyped ! Once again thank you guys for doing all this graft so we can reap the rewards !
  3. Well then I must be wrong , but I’m sure people have put up issues before regarding stats and they’ve said it’s been fixed ... but nothing
  4. Same here , been broken for ages, they keep saying they’ve fixed it but I’ve seen no improvement ?
  5. Streaming !! 


  6. Streaming some cop life ! Join me ! https://www.twitch.tv/cobratheog

  7. I expected no less from MBS, must have withdrawal symptoms from their lost meth 😉
  8. Streaming Cops ! Come join me 😉 


  9. I can’t its classified ! I don’t want to read through all the LOI’s id get 😉
  10. +1 I do like the idea of maybe w warehouse in which you can grow drugs. Maybe filter the drugs by cost. So to make meth would cost a buy in price of 20m but generate say 500k a day. Where as weed would cost 1m and generate 50k a day , that sorta stuff
  11. Yeah , that’s my current idea , stream when the server is busy
  12. Hey , I wanted to start my streaming again but I’m unsure when and if people would watch a stream. I usually stream 21:00 - 22:30 but I understand that’s late for some people . Please help me out and tell me what you’d wanna see.
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