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  1. Cobra The OG


    Welcome ! Would be nice to know what your initial thoughts of the server are
  2. I might actually have ago at the skins , I’d say I’m decent with photoshop and I know it’s not too hard to do
  3. The idea of having some form of cost behind a loadout is the time element. The reason you get that satisfitying feeling of killing someone is because you know they’ve lost something, lost money, which gives you an advantage. For instance gangs fighting , if you steal and scrap an ifrit , you know it’s a big rip for the other gang because they’ve grinded for that ifrit. My point being , having a super easy economy, of which means loadouts are super cheap aswell as vehicles , you lose that satisfying feeling as you know that kill is only wasting 5 minutes of their time , rather then 30. It also makes the server into more of a wasteland style server , of which people don’t come here to play for. I’ve played the easier servers before , and it’s alright for the first week, but when your just non stop fighting the same capture points with endless gear it’s boring. Might aswell be in a A and D. Also mainly most of the other servers have the same combat, same guns , same economy and so on. If we merge into that style of server , what makes this server unique ? Why would someone play here rather then one of those servers ? Because their banned on there ?
  4. Welcome back , please read the rules and stay out of trouble ! Would be nice to hear what your opinion of the server is as a reformed member !
  5. The suggestion was made to improve the server. Not how some cops think about it. Obviously this is a nerf and like all nerfs , those effected are not going to like it. However it’s necessary for this to happen , to enjoy there still is a server. The poll will be biased because it’s been sent to everyone on the APC discord which isn’t exactly fair for the poll. However, I think if police have this rule , havoc should have it aswell. So rebel life is boosted and not just cops getting nerfed then people joining havoc.
  6. I think it was worked out once in an argument that havoc have 35 7.62mm and the cops had about 20, if that. Havoc defintatly has more since only 4 TFU can have 7.62mm and then everyone that’s SI+ . The other day when we attacked CP, I was getting shot at by an ASP. I don’t know any officer , that’s ever used an ASP. Also you could keep weapons from drops which is ludicrous. Just no self control in the faction.
  7. I server can operate very well if there 10 faction members online to 100 civilians , rather then 50 faction members and 30 civilians .... if no one is doing illegal activity then what’s the point in the cops ? Id rather our concern be we have too many rebels rather then not enough.
  8. Well all my hardwork would go to waste ! It’s for my eyes only :)
  9. Not a bad idea at all really. Would have to sort meth out ... 12 minutes and 1m in the bank is pretty OP. Exactly, factions get everything they want , so why play as rebel ? Hence why nerfing factions and forcing players to make a decision between rebel and civilian is a good idea. Put peoples hearts into the right place.
  10. Yeah, Your right. Those suggestions would indeed boost the population , unbanning players for being toxic , unbanning players that have been banned endlessly before. Then buffing the broken runs even more because people want something for nothing. Just because the population of the server improves doesn’t mean the quality does. The server has quite a good standard across the board and is enjoyable for sure . Unbanning people would topple this balance . People get banned for reasons , this server is very lientant towards bans compared to others, so if someone’s been banned 5 times , why should they be unbanned ? To fix rebel life; Nerfing factions defiantly helps. Most of the players that have been round a while on the server are in factions. Then they also play rebel on top of this. Factions are out of control currently and just have an endless amount of people. The police have a lot of officer on all of the time, havoc have endless 7.62mm’s. It’s no fun for a rebel to be trying to fight against a faction to lose. What chance does a small rebel gang have against 20 officers being online ? And we all know what havoc are like in regards to their conduct. I’d rather not have factions for a week , just to see what happeneds. Secondly, you should either be in a faction , or a rebel. People do both and just abuse it really. You should be one or the other and hopefully those people choose rebel. Thirdly, rebels need to try. All I hear is , buff runs , reduce loadout costs. This isn’t like a A and D. You gotta work for what you get. About like 7 months ago MK-1’s loadouts used to be 1.2m, now their like 550k. People survived before and gang life was thriving then, now it’s non existant. Also runs are more broken then ever. 20m a restart is easily possible. That’s just insane !! Rebels just need to try, if they die. Then try to get better , use diffrent tactics , fight and compete with other gangs. That’s all rebel life should be. What gang is the best gang. Anyway, let’s see what happeneds when factions are nerfed. Hopefully that’ll boost the rebel population.
  11. Don’t see why it should be classed as exploiting, you can’t shoot through water in real life ?
  12. As far as I’m aware it’s not a rule at all . Someone suggested making it a rule and this is foxhounds reply. “ This Issue has been reviewed in the past and it had come to the conclusion that Using SDAR+Wet suit+re-breather is essentially using an in game mechanic purposely designed and placed there by the developer of the game, thing is there are ways to counter it, if you were playing smarter i.e if planing on a gun fight next to shore have a team member bring a wet suit sdar etc to counter possible combatants in the water. having it as a server rule would cause issues with administrating the rule (staff team) staff team has the authority to restrict peoples access to platforms its a big responsibility as they have to be 100% sure that a rule had been broken before issuing a ban, with sharking its not as easy as watching a sit in CAM and saying the guy was sharking for it to be an "exploit" he would have to use a bug inadvertently placed the game to his advantage and saying that i can say that i dont share the same communities view on sharking (because i look at it as an in game function that is able to be countered). if we are saying that this is an exploit then any another item that can be purchased in game to give you an advantage in a gun fight would be an exploit? do you see where im going with this? so with that im going to have to deny adding a rule BUT we are looking at other options (development) to reduce the effect of using the SDAR wet suit and re breather. “
  13. Have fun on the server ! Would be intresting to know what you think about the server as a new player !
  14. How exactly have you acquired these items?
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