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  1. Cobra The OG

    V get in the bin Frags #1

    I have no idea Got 25 views of it, so I dont mind to much.
  2. Cobra The OG

    V get in the bin Frags #1

    @L 1 A M @Labrador I prefer my lastest A and D montage
  3. Cobra The OG


    It doesn't stop RP. I like RP a lot aswell. I'm not replacing a RP situation to a combat one. I'm just adding a combat based mini event. That then makes combat better in the long run. I'm not saying its going to promote combat in a gas station robbery. However it will mean in the bigger situations like banks, havoc attacks and big drug runs, where RP is already pretty minimal, it'll enhance the combat aspect. Rebels wont do a 10 coke run for the roleplay.
  4. Cobra The OG

    Cobra The OG - Montage

    Thank you Liam
  5. Cobra The OG


    I just feel as if combat would improve overall. Like yesterday in the event , SFO were fighting a rebels with 3 ifrits and a ASP. Because he had this 12.7mm close quarter monster. It meant that we had to play different, it added a complete twist on the fight. It made it a lot more interesting. I feel that it would make combat better and more unique compared to other serves. Rare weapons should be used more. Not in every fight, but the fights that matter. Bank ops, big drug runs and so on. I wasn’t suggesting this as a combat idea , too add more combat, but to make the existing combat better.
  6. Cobra The OG


    Ill keep it short and sweet. Every 2 Hours do an airdrop. This is a package that drops from the sky. It contains gear/weapons. There'll be a chance to drop rare gear , like csats, lrps, all the strong weapons, and so on. Kinda like a blackwater. When the package starts falling from the sky, a red zone will form around it. Players can then fight for it.
  7. Cobra The OG

    Good Job

    Despite everyone's moans and groans, and my own. Tonight was good, Good update, a good event that a lot of people took part in, and the servers population rocketed. Well played to those that sorted it.
  8. Cobra The OG

    The Server Is dying

    Can I please suggest some urgent action/ changes to happen this week. Lots of people are changing servers, players that are more then willing to play this server every day. However, the servers been dying for a long time now, and nothing drastic has been done to change/ fix it. Just seems like the people at the top want it do die as nothings been done. People want to play the server, just not a dead sever.
  9. Cobra The OG

    Phoenix #6 | CTSFO SCO19 & Rebel | Liam for CI

    If this was a book, the pages would be sticky
  10. Cobra The OG

    Cobra The OG - Montage

    Thank you
  11. Cobra The OG

    Cobra The OG - Montage

    cheers !
  12. Cobra The OG

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    All of them, you aint using combat stance. Your crosshair locks onto the hit boxes on players when you aim close to them... its clear as day. In your 5th kill it locks on and off 3 times....
  13. Cobra The OG

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    @Kazz Did you actually just bait yourself out on the fourms ? Like yikes dude your fucking crosshair locks on to people, are your hands from this guy with that robotic movement i hate cheaters