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  1. Time Submitted: 10:44:26 AM | 08/10/20 Submitted By: Caesar Forum ID: 827 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: CSAT Proffesions What Is Your Suggestion: When you join CSAT currently your proffesions get wiped. Meaning you have to grind once more to get everything to 500. I don't think this should be the way its done. My suggestion is that CSAT keep their profession levels they have as a civilian. I've grinded proffesions 10 times now, I don't want to have to spend even more time getting the main ones to 500 again.
  2. That's a fair point. I just wouldn't want factions to hinder the growth of gangs. The server has a serious issue at the moment with the lack of gangs. Let alone decent gangs. Regarding the faction issues you had. There will always be the same people that bench and roach, everyone knows their names. CSAT did end up fighting at advanced rebel towards the end, but that was because Ifrits dragged the fight there, not because people decided to camp it.
  3. Well you get the benefit of a decent assault rifle the type, with the ability to tap someone out of ifrits and mraps. They should be expensive, I think gang wars was a good example. 2.9 with the zafirs, just to rinse everyone. Made them very untouchable.
  4. I think they should cost a lot more then just 100k-300k. Especially when they pen so much. Should be at least 600k+. Having rare weapons is good, providing they remain rare. There's a lot of money on the sever and items need to reflect that.
  5. Personally a lot of people talking on this thread are in some sort of faction. Yes, Friday night was fun for the factions , it was also fun for the gangs that can afford expensive loadouts to just frag people. However its not fun at all for the new upcoming gangs that want a gang base. I think maybe there should some implementation for factions to go to gang wars, just because it boosts numbers and thats what we need. I think it should be behind strict rules however. For instance, factions can only take X amount of people, based off how many other gang members there are. Maybe there also only allowd to go when there's 50+ players taking part. Something like that. Factions going to gang wars with free gear and good gear isn't very gang friendly and doesn't help gangs grow. Which is something we need right now.
  6. Make something that is in the " to be implemented" on the suggestion thread. I imagine that'll give you a good chance of getting in.
  7. The struggle I'm seeing, is that if removing and adding items to a spreadsheet, which takes a matter of minutes is laborious. Then I personally dont see much room for unique and interesting features to take place because it will be too laborious. It seems, like your limiting great potential because it takes up a bit of time ?
  8. Would be good if CSAT could get vehicles and weapon cheaper, then trade them with civilians. You could have a finance manager for the faction, that handles all transactions through a log. A player from a gang, wants to buy a ifrit, sends the money to the CSAT member, they buy it and transfer it over. This would increase the factions reputation with gangs, whilst also gaining additional money. Its a mutually beneficial system. It would help the rebel faction actually have forms of reputations with gangs, a common issue with havoc. It also means, if a gang is being aggressive towards CSAT they could cut ties with that gang, and it would effect a gangs finances. Also it helps funds the faction to fight the police. One eventuality might be that all the gangs, funnel money through CSAT increase the overall threat against police.
  9. Fair enough. My understanding is that you change what is available in shops and so forth. Anyway @R Finch's suggestion is better. You could just remove the items from a spreadsheet. Once done, put a message in the appropriate faction discord and monitor it. Its obvious to see if a faction is using a vehicle or weapon they shouldn't.
  10. Well it can be done every 2 weeks, or 3 weeks? I understand its laborious, however work like that should take place in order to keep the server unique and increase its replayabilitity. If nothing changes, neither does the experience for the player. One of the main reason people stop playing arma is because its just the same, boring cycle. This would break that cycle and keep people entertained for longer? You could appoint someone to work out the campaign cycle and arrange the code. Have it saved for the various outcomes and just copy and paste when it needs changing.
  11. Yes I am? The amount of benefit you can add to the server, an entirely unique feature, that no other server has. For the sake of changing a line in the config file ? I fail to see what the hard part about this is ? You can just remove the option to buy mraps from the garage. It cant be that hard?
  12. Is it? You could just manually change the whitlisted items either side? My understanding is that its just simply changing what items certain levels can receive? Doesn't need to have long winded, well coded automatic system. Just some manual input and it would work? For instance, the winners win the vehicle factory. You remove the hunter config code to police, add the strider /ifrit in for the other faction?
  13. Originally in my faction suggestion. Which CSAT has defiantly taken some ideas from. I mentioned a faction progression system, were the factions would have almost like a campaign, in which there actions, winning or losing would result in benefits or disadvantages to either faction. For instance you could have a "Vehicle Factory". In which either faction need to discover, and fight over in a planned event, maybe additional advantages can be given to either faction ahead of the event, based of RP elements, so its not totally combat based. For instance, they need to discover the location of it, in doing so, they can plan a way to fight for the objective. Then, dependant on whichever faction wins, they would get vehicle bonuses, for instance, one faction could have additional access to higher calibre of vehicles, whilst the other loses the ability to have MRAPs for a week. Likewise, you could fight over towns and cities. The faction that wins would win a segment of the map. You could produce a map, with areas of control , so its a clear display of who owns what, and what advantages it brings. The options are endless and the outcome, would increase a lot of activity in factions and the island, as you would constantly need to be tactical and smart in a ever changing game, rather then bordem taking over after doing the same thing day in and day out. Ive been banging out on about this idea for a long time down, months and months, maybe even years, however it only seems to be getting traction now.
  14. I don't have one, but they usually sell for around 300m+
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