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  1. The way he has been treated is nothing short of a crime itself. It seems to me someone actively set out to have him removed in any way they could "trap" him or catch him out. A form of constructive dismissal and if I'm not mistaken from previous elections a man who none the less ran for governor himself? This person needs punishing for going out in the island and doing everything he can to catch people out and entrap innocent people of altis for his own sneaky ways and to get his theoretical head up a theoretical gods back passage. He goes against everything paddy was about. Justice for the people of Altis... If you see a snake In the grass... Burn it with fire... Justice for paddy!!!
  2. well Ive not decided yet but we will see, and everyone loves everyone sir !! if i dont ill still support you and your causes !
  3. I am considering going for Governor after several have recommended I do this . I was wanting some feedback from the people before I consider it. Do you think I would be a good governor? Do you think I could represent the people of Altis and the Departments ? If I did go for governor it would be with the intentions of working on relationships between HAVOC APC and Gangs to try and bring some peace to the island and restore faith in a government not ran by corruption ! I would be avaialble in my office to speak to anyone with concerns and to do my utmost to resolve these issues, I would not be there for my own benefit and would be there to respresent the people and try and make the changes that benefit everyone for a peacefull and enjoyable life !! Im not a top class politician but i care and want to put YOU the people of altis first !!! So please if you think I can help let me know !! I leave this potential campaign in the hands of those that matter, you the people of Altis !!
  4. haha love it nice meeting you guys
  5. you sound like a nice person sir, cant wait to meet you in game !!! hopefully not in a dark alley
  6. Paddy gets my vote! Super genuine helpfull guy
  7. The date is to be confirmed as a lot of organisation is needed . Ill keep you informed and post on here ! Thank you for your support Paddy !!!
  8. Hi all I am asking if anyone is interested in an event . I am running for the children of ALTIS from kavala to pyrgos . To help raise awareness of the homeless children of pyrgos that go unnoticed . Im trying to raise awareness and funds for them and I need your help !!! Every year hundreds of orphaned children in this war torn town full of drug dealers, criminals, murderers and even real life pirates go unnoticed . I aim to start my race at the beach in Kavala and run, yes RUN all the way to Pyrgos hospital and I need you to join me, the more people that join the more awareness we can raise. As a First Aider for the NHS I will be providing as much refreshments as I can carry along the way . ( These include but are not limited to tea, water , lollipops and various other beverages . Should you be taken ill during this run I will be on hand to administer first aid . The race will also need journalists to film and interview on route , police to close any junctions while we pass through and havoc to protect our runners from the checkpoint to pyrgos so a chance to all work together !!! The Race is not to see who can get their first but to work together and arrive together . NO MAN gets left behind . Entrance fee is just £10,000 and ALL donations will go to the Children of Altis Charity . Runners are expected to approach other non runners and try to raise sponsorship . The more we raise the more we can give back to the children and the workers that provide them with the much needed food drink and posh toilet paper . If you are interested please leave a reply with your name and any donations you wish to leave . This is open to ALL public and factions . Lets put aside our differences and work together for this great event and raise the bar !! ( normal mugging killing and general threats can resume after the event ) Kind Reguards Montgomery Piftiffin the 2nd
  9. It would be nice if perhaps the response missions as medic were available on the same board you spawn your helis in up on the heli pads , I think it would be easier and encourage people to use the heli pad instead of landing in the car park and running in the building , It would also make it easier when on late at night and doing them to land on the heli pads
  10. Fook sends his regards m I'm his cousin but sadly due to a visa issue or lack of , he has been deported back to his home land. He wishes you all well and thanks you for the hospitality such as beatings kidnappings muggings and such like
  11. Just recently arrived at the airport with just the clothes on my back and a photo of mummy in my beast pocket. I'm a firm believer you make your own way in life so I decided to move here a short while ago. It had nothing to do with being extradited... And that's a pending case so I can't dicuss it. I'm looking to become a fully trained. Medic and get to look all cool like the sar guy that landed in his sexy heli and saved the day then flew off Into the sunset. I have been robbed beaten and mugged more times than I've had a hot dinner since arriving but it doesn't deter me. Oh no sir what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Or just gives you an incredible groin itching untill the cream takes hold. I look forward to seeing you on your travels . Oo while I think of it anyone know where I can buy a bag of lime a shovel and a length of rope, a large acid proof container and some super strong acid. I had a run in the the police Commissioner so thinking of inviting him round for supper...
  12. I sure do, Amazon said its out for delivery. I was going to buy a medics liscene on ebay but was 3 weeks Delivery from Hong Kong. Meant to be immaculate fakes to
  13. So I failed my medics test recently but it didn't stop me saving the good people of altis... I made sure to tell them not to worry stay calm I'm a fully failed trainee medic with no qualifications what so ever so they're in good hands... I even saved a couple of havoc guys after a helicopter landed full speed on their face.. Twat a thing of beauty I have to say. But despite me dragging one leg with the shin bone clearly poking through the skin I grit my teeth and healed those in need... Oh and picked up the cash laying around as a form of gratitude I also kept it....
  14. Need I say anything. Constantly in rp constant laughter and fantastic rp. Made me want to play more and more as always a laugh and never breaks rp. Hilarious!!!
  15. I can't remember his name but the police commissioner rolled up to help myself and a friend while we was innocently trying to Rob someone.... The police man was polite and helpfull and his role-playing was great to seem I've seen so many police with zero rp it was refreshing and fun. We had him Laughing a lot and it really made it fun
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