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  1. This better not count when online as a faction. Think those prices are ridiculous regardles.
  2. Welcome aboard mate! Hope you enjoy your time
  3. I hope to see the return of Folabi Shagger soon! I heard he took all of HSF funds to his offshore account in Bora Bora!!!
  4. Fatty +1, don't know why people care this much smh on top of my smhing head @Blitz
  5. Bye Cuber Fruck 😔 Will miss you buddy, no more "PADDY MCCARTHY" in your accent 😔 All the best with everything in life ❤️
  6. Taking everything into account here, I can't see any form of initiation here, and even if the volume settings are low (which I doubt) I can not see any situation where someone could have initiated validly. The fact that Sparco has not replied to any of this, and did not show up to support when disputed is also a factor that is being taken into account here. With all this said, I will be issuing a warning for RDM to Sparco. Please do not let anything like this happen again. Player Report; ACCEPTED.
  7. I can't comprehend the thought process anymore. 3 up @Matty P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kevin


      Every time I have backed you up it turned out you were in the wrong, I'm not arsed anymore. 

    3. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Yeah @Kevin, knocking someone out as a medic is really a game ban able offence, especially with no previous warnings/bans for RDM. 🤥

    4. Matt


      Sorry Kevin mate I’ve seen hackers ddosers and other illegal activities get let off with warnings but oh my god a little knockout call the local authorities 

  8. okay now what's the story

    1. Helmut


      I think you have a fascination with Dublin

    2. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      The thought of the place makes me sick 🤮

  9. I will be taking on this player report. The accused has 24 hours to respond whilst I review the evidence.
  10. Taking into account the accused hasn't responded, and also that he clearly broke a rule. I will be issuing a 5 day ban for RDM. Player Report; ACCEPTED.
  11. At the end of the day, there's a process you should follow. That is to go to support and ask for an admin who can help you and see if you can be revived/re-join the situation. You do not just combat log to avoid death, come back on as another name and rejoin the situation all by yourself. Please don't let this happen again. With that said, and taking into account your clean record, I will be issuing you a warning for Combat Logging. Player Report; ACCEPTED.
  12. That bug is client error, and you should have just accepted dying. Combat logging because its a bug and not contacting staff is still an issue since bugs can be resolved without breaking rules. On top of that, changing your name and returning to the exact same situation just doesn't make it look any better does it.
  13. There's ways of going about this other than alt f4ing, changing your name, & coming back to the situation you just combat logged from.
  14. I will be taking care of this player report today. The accused has 24 hours to respond whilst I review the evidence.
  15. I hate to say it, but can you read? Try reading over what he's reporting you for.
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