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  1. Paddy McCarthy

    Paddy McCarthy

    The APC & CSAT have permission to attend gang wars for this restart only with NO NLR. Have fun everyone :) 

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    2. Sammy


      I’d say let them come every Friday. Last night was the funnest base bidding had ever been. Constant fights and csat/cops can’t bid anyways so rebels still get bases but makes it more challenging and more of a money sink which is what the server needed. Only slightly annoying thing was cops and csat going to advanced but other than I’d say just let them come every Friday just add a rule where they can’t kill rebels at advanced.

    3. Lolyhase


      Really like that idea tbh Sammy it would make gang wars much more entertaining and it potentially could even add something like rebels contracting csat to help them. And in order to do that those rebel gang that would want csats help would have to get their relation up with csat within the week. 

      But of course it is kinda important to keep it balanced and we don't really want factions stomping on rebels 

      Maybe you might want to start a discussion about this, probably would be an interesting one 

    4. Sammy


      @Lolyhase There is a suggestion post here that someone put up so people can voice their opinions


  2. Paddy McCarthy


    😳 In all seriousness, this is brilliant to see. Great job to everyone 😄
  3. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Hotfix v2.6.3 | 07/08/2020 @ 16:00 BST Added: CSAT civilian dispatch. Added: CSAT hummingbird skin. Added: Rubber bullet gun to CSAT. Added: Pickaxe, shovel, & fishing net to CSAT market. Added: Various gang skins. Changed: MAR-10 price to 2 million. Changed: Zafir price to 2.2 million & Zafir mags to 100k. Changed: Various CSAT offroad skin changes. Changed: CSAT rank 'Private First Class' to 'Private. Fixed: CSAT invisible bagpack not working with certain clothes. Fixed: AKM mags not being in CSAT weapon market. Fixed: Impound notification grammar. Removed: Various gang skins.
  4. Paddy McCarthy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Loadouts

    Already a suggestion.
  5. Paddy McCarthy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Conquest

    Already a suggestion.
  6. Factions have NLR in red zones. There was a vote done recently and the community the vote was too close to overturn factions having NLR in redzones. @TJ Splifta
  7. Civilians have no NLR in red zones.
  8. Paddy McCarthy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Cartel Zone

    There are regular popup cartels on the Oil Rig. Implemented.
  9. Paddy McCarthy

    Altis Life Suggestions - Wire money on phone.

    I can't see this being utilized very often. ATM's do the job just fine. Declined.
  10. Paddy McCarthy

    Can't store vehicles at pyrgos garage

    Okay, will mark as fixed. If it becomes an issue again, submit again
  11. Paddy McCarthy

    Changelog - Altis Life

    Hotfix v2.6.2 | 06/08/2020 @ 00:00 BST Added: Graverobber & unlimited zip tie perks for CSAT. Added: 100rnd 6.5mm MXSW mag to APC shop for Chief Inspector+. Added: Sofia as a default spawn location for civs. Added: CSAT professions. Changed: Increased capture timer for popup cartels to 500 seconds. Changed: New NPAS skins for Taru, Hellcat, Ghosthawk, Huron, & Darter. Changed: CTU uniform to original grey variant. Changed: Various CSAT weapon & clothing changes. Fixed: CSAT mining and gathering. Fixed: CSAT vehicle virtual inventory. Fixed: CSAT impounding. Fixed: CSAT offroad skins. Removed: CSAT patrol missions.
  12. Paddy McCarthy

    Can't store vehicles at pyrgos garage

    Can't seem to recreate, is this still an issue? @Dennis
  13. Paddy McCarthy

    Vehicle spawn points

    Are you still experiencing this issue? @TeddyBear
  14. Paddy McCarthy

    Why is this still a rule?

    Post moved to rule suggestions, where it belongs.
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