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  1. Calum

    TNT Camping advanced

    The case was ruled against you in support. You RDM'd us. It's not hard to comprehend & just because you left our stuff there doesn't mean we hadn't been RDM'd hahaha
  2. Calum

    TNT Camping advanced

    You literally got done for low standard/invalid intiation on all 3 of us hahahaha @Cat1249 @James Fire Invalid initiation/low standard therefore you RDM'd lol
  3. Calum

    TNT Camping advanced

    At least TNT don't include RDM in their frag videos 🙂
  4. Thought you left 🙁
  5. Look at 1:45 @Cat1249 @James Fire 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  6. Is this the real Paddy McCarthy?

  7. Happy 10 O'Clock on a Saturday Everyone!

    1. Calum


      Thanks very much!

  8. Whenever I spawn in, it automatically has my Y menu already open for some reason.
  9. Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

    1. Jelle
    2. Calum
    3. Blitz


      hello? are u there sir? 

  10. @Johnny Price @Ninj Come on kids, stop the fighting 🙂
  11. Dearest Montgomery, It's Pads here. You're old pal. Oh boy has it been a feckin ride around here. There's been a lot going on. Before you left I was a doctor in the NHS, I am now a proud Surgeon! I was also a Corporal in HAVOC, I am now a Staff Sergeant! I've been doing lots of work in both my jobs on the island. I'll tell you it's tough at times, but the guinness at the local every night is perfect. (Maybe one or two before I go on duty as NHS and HAVOC too) I've been Governor again, but my time is coming to an end on that. I've been arrested a couple of times, not jailed any of those times though! I've killed a good few of those APC lads by now too! I won't lie Montgomery, I've been heading to the airport every day looking at the Bryan Air flight arrivals to see if it was you, but I never saw your face. Finally will get to see you again! See you around Montgomery, Your mate, Paddy McCarthy.
  12. 🙂

    From me and @Blitz

    1. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      excuse me thats content count and reputation abuse

    2. Calum


      @Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr 😧 i apologise profusely 😔

    3. Matt Obama

      Matt Obama

      I also give a 😃

  13. Calum

    Nick Coca

    Bye Nicholas, hope life is just as fun without Paddy in it 😔
  14. Calum

    2 years! Congratulations! 🥳

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