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  1. Time Submitted: 04:08:35 PM | 08/30/17 Submitted By: B E A T Z (819) In-Game Name: B E A T Z Steam / Player ID: 76561198137998088 Administrator who issued ban: FoxHound Date of ban: 09/21/00 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for combat logging, which is when you leave a combat situation by logging out of the serve in some way. What reason was given for your ban? I was in a gun fight, I killed 2 people, then got shot in the back, then I got very angry so I alt + F4. I then went for a while to calm down so it would not affect me in the future and I had a ban? Why should you be unbanned? I was so confused about this, so I took to ask FoxHound why, and he kindly explained to me that by doing this I made the mistake of accidentally exploiting, apparently by doing this it means i will have my gear when i re spawn in, i did not know this, i am sorry and will learn from this mistake, I have offered already to give the gear back if i do spawn in with it. <16:59:29> "B E A T Z": can i ask why it would make a difference if i am dead though? <16:59:34> "B E A T Z": thank you for reducing it <17:00:40> "FoxHound": if you combat log like that instantly its u alt f4 u keep your gear when u spawn back in its exploiting <17:01:05> "B E A T Z": i didnt know that <17:01:10> "B E A T Z": i can give it to you <17:01:16> "B E A T Z": if i still have gear I would like to say sorry for doing this and causing a problem. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  2. These demands were to create roleplay not to be meet come on!!!! Jesus....
  3. You sent me a steam message saying 'Or you will be banned'
  4. Can you get some more cops please, its hard theses?
  5. B E A T Z

    Few ideas

    - Make it so you can see hexagons from as far away as you can because for Police and Havoc it's fine because you have clothes but rebels it hard because we all look the same. - Add rebel zones you can capture and make money off if you hold. - Make it so you can see yourself on the map...
  6. I understand there is a glitch with the way you used to have it, however there are other servers that have it so you can still get the gun with no duplication, its stupid you cant rob someone with a gun, because they just try to shot you, so you have to kill them, then you can't get the gun...
  7. B E A T Z

    Jump script

  8. Was made funny + I'm looking rather dapper in that photo
  9. B E A T Z

    Havoc pass

    When havoc ticket players, its for tax. However we never get the money, there like cop tickets. Maybe make it so the individual ticketing the player gets the money, due to the fact it is supposed to be tax for using our lands. Or even just to put an ATM at our Check Point, so they can take money out?
  10. Well @Conner Merlin @Kevin @Harry @Matt The people have spoken
  11. What is being done about this then? I think the people have spoken! @Jay Brean @Larz @
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