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  1. Jay.

    Sorry it’s late but congratulations brother! x

    1. Nizwald


      Cheers Jay lad ❤️


  2. Jay.


    set 8 kids
  3. Jay.


    Could have chosen a better song
  4. Bit high? wtf. 900 gold coins.
  5. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN Application form What is your in-game name? Your steam64ID? Age? How much money you got? How many hours do you have on Arma 3? (Screenshot) What are your previous gangs/factions? Have you been banned before? If yes then why?
  6. Jay.

    G’day Paddy. Just dropping by to say that I’ve completed my travels and will be with you shortly - two days in fact! I’ve heard @Theodore has become the com rep again so I suppose I won’t be making a return. What a bloody shame that twat is back in force.


    anyway, stay safe! 

  7. Jay.

    Hi sir, been a long time! Victor Shlein will be making a return at the end of March.

    catch you then!

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Hi there Victor, 


      It’s me Paddy here! I tried to reply with a heart eye emoji sign in your letter but it wouldn’t let me sir. I heard rumours of Victor travelling to some cool parts of the world! Well I tell you one thing Victor, Altis is still crazy, Mk1’s everywhere! People being murdered on the streets and still nothing’s being done by the APC! Disgraceful! 

      i wish you all the best in your travels Victor, stay safe for me now petal x


      Lots of love,

      Paddy McCarthy

    2. Blitz


      dw paddy, black and tans on their way to CP soon

    3. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      @Blitz 😠

  8. Jay.

    Oopsie I don’t think that joke went down well ? xxxx

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Don’t worry it ok ?

  9. Jay.


    At the end of the day mate it’s a game and a lot of people need to learn this that play in the community. People who don’t appreciate your apology are clearly wet wipes who haven’t seen sunlight in years. Carry on improving.
  10. I got Vegas pro cracked if you want it lmk
  11. what a fucking brilliant meme
  12. devils number is 666 not 6666 unlucky maybe next time x
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