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  1. So you can buy garages? I thought I couldn't :,) ive been blinded for far to long.
  2. Do you want to win some money? Of course you do then enter the Altis Secret Lottery today! you can win from £750,000 to £2,500,000 each month! Please enter by going on the PhoenixRP Altis Secret Lottery website now! Entry fee is £10,000 per person (Enter more than once to be within a better chance of winning) - Please read the rules on the home page - Please read section! Admins please check Credits and Staff page. https://sites.google.com/view/phoenixrp-altis-secret-legion/home
  3. +1 Inspector of Kavala @Jetan Holo Are you sure???
  4. We are using it as a topic to say bye to monty. :,(
  5. I love you and its been amazing working with you in the NHS these last couple of weeks. I remember when I accepted your application and then came to give you some medical attention at the HAVOC check point. Luckily you weren't injured that bad but there you were dressed in your shorts, polo top and straw fedora. Once you were up on your feet you were in shock of how cool the NHS looked! I still will never forget you telling people I'm the reason you joined the NHS and I will hold you close to my heart with a picture of you in my top pocket until my last day on this earth!
  6. I am no longer running for GOV please focus all your votes in @Johnny Price!
  7. I am no longer running for GOV please focus all your votes in @Johnny Price!
  8. Sorry sir, they don't want to vote for people that copy from Sir Paddy's previous Governor plea.
  9. Well if you vote me in as Governor I will try my best to improve relations for everyone's benefit on the Island of Altis. If you are curious on how I am planning to do this then please message me!
  10. If it comes to having bonding event's such as controlled combat sports that the APC and HAVOC are happy to do then we shall get something arrange just remember to vote Lawwtz if you want this to happen.
  11. Now now gentlemen I'm sure we can sort something out between the two factions once I'm in power.
  12. Lawwtz is who you adore because I always give more.
  13. Of course young sir, of course.
  14. I will be singing my praises sir from the Governor's Office for the whole of Altis to hear.
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