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  1. I cannot back you up. I can only give my point of view
  2. lul get rekt XD

  3. I can confirm that the dispute message was sent.
  4. Now you have said Renting File space that does make a lot more sense, because I always wondered why do you have to pay more for Gang Skins. But yes a Personal Skin renting system would be a cool feature and I believe you would get a lot for Donators for the server for say £3 to £5 monthly for a Personal skin within game.
  5. @Roy Of course mission file is key for but making the server slow and of course we dont want to increase crashes again.
  6. Thanks for your response Lewis, I do understand Textures within a game make the bulk of a game or DLC package. If Management and Dev's want to make this a monthly payment thing for single player users that are not in gangs that would also work as well. Tbh to have my own skin would add role play aspects to my character and I think would better for the community to have custom skins for people willing to pay for it. I don't mind paying a small fee each month to maintain it. But if this could be looked into by @Kevinor Management that would be great!
  7. Since lifetime sponsor is a lot of money and you do get some good benefits it would be nice to have a one of custom skin for your character, I am graphics designer myself and I have always want my own skin with the game I can only have. I know there is gang skins but some life sponsors might be jumping from gang to gang. This wouldn’t be a “I’m bored of this skin can I have a new one now making?” It would be you have one choice and that’s it you don’t get to change your skin after that. This would save Graphics Dev’s the time of not creating skins for lifetime sponsors all the time when they get bored of there skin. I hope this gets looked into now V2 has come around. Let me know of what you all think? Lawwtz
  8. For some reason when I have brought a new house it shows up as a spawn location but does not show up on the map as a house of mine. I can lock it and store in it but I cannot spawn there even tho it says its a spawn point when loading into the server.
  9. Well dont you worry this isn't aimed at APC
  10. What is directed towards cops? If you talking about this post as a whole im aiming this at everyone not just cops.
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