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  1. Ashley Raven

    Bring back sniper scopes

    I think you need to re-think what 'roleplay' is
  2. Ashley Raven

    Rainbow Six Siege Team

    Meh idm carrying you a bit every so often Tim ;)
  3. Ashley Raven

    CTSFO BlackSite - Bank Alternative

    Ironic coming from you. Pretty sure over 10 warning points
  4. Ashley Raven

    MPU custom diving gear?

    A diving suit is a diving suit
  5. Ashley Raven

    Conner Merlin

    @Conner Merlin so many things wrong with you
  6. Ashley Raven


    10/10 love his roleplay. Guy is sound
  7. Ashley Raven

    Events Team Altis Life

    Wasn't this a thing that @Raymond Reddington started?
  8. Ashley Raven

    Thomas white as community manager

    I mean Ninj does have a point This isn't going to make any difference to if he gets it or not. Atleast I don't think it does. We've never had a say in past community managers.
  9. Ashley Raven

    Thomas white as community manager

    I mean. Not to step in it but I agree with Lab. Back when he was trusted with a high rank in the Police he did something stupid and threw it all away.
  10. Ashley Raven

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    Good luck in the future mate. o7
  11. Ashley Raven

    Somalian Smurfs

    Roleplay!!!! Good luck
  12. Ashley Raven


    +1 Rp is good and a pretty decent friend tbh. Someone who managed to put his past behind him and move on to become a valued member again.
  13. Ashley Raven

    £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    @zTeo [Horizon-Mod] look and you'll see
  14. Ashley Raven

    Rebel Stuff