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  1. I only skimmed the document. But haven't you basically outlined the job every police officer should be doing?? You don't need a specialist unit for people to do what they should be doing on their day to day.
  2. I'll pretend I'm not slightly hurt but aight, I see how it is. See you around mate, was a pleasure getting to know you. Sound lad ❤️
  3. They're worth more than that lol. Well, last time I checked
  4. Rat boy (inside joke not calling him rat)

    1. dandy


      good thing u put in a side note, could have gotten banned for using such language!!

    2. Lester


      @dandy stop being rat rn sir

    3. dandy


      banned for toxicity

  5. Sad to see you go man. Thanks for all the memories. Don't be a stranger ❤️
  6. Good luck getting this implemented.
  7. Jesus is Christ and Christ is Jesus.


  8. As Alex said, get the perk. Got infinite now
  9. should fully let me in lotuk lol

  10. Thought that's a rule in every faction
  11. It's a private server. So I don't get what you're trying to achieve? It's not on PheonixRP...
  12. Ashley Raven


    Last time I checked you're not OG and didn't create it
  13. I think you need to learn what a shitpost is. Last time I checked stating a fact that is true isn’t shitposting
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