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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders , Sad to see you go tbh. Good luck in whatever ya do mate.
  2. Altis Crime Family [OPEN]

    Good luck
  3. Ez frags on RS6?

    That rank though
  4. !!EVENT!! HAVOC Tax Relief

    Huh...fair enough. I thought an event should include everyone. Not just rebels and HAVOC and have a 'prize' at the end.
  5. !!EVENT!! HAVOC Tax Relief

    Is this classed as an event?
  6. Cops Map

    It's not going to get changed. At least I highly doubt it will. Read the other points above.
  7. Cops Map

  8. Cops Map

    If you read what I said. We barely have the resources for this..... So no that won't work.
  9. Cops Map

    So, if it never appears on our map. How are we ever gonna know where the fields, processors or drug dealers are?? Make's it almost impossible for us to do anything against people doing drugs, especially when we barely have the resources to cover these areas as it is. -1
  10. Marshal for support

    No really how you get support tbh.
  11. Panic button

    Oh Dimo...
  12. New

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here

  14. 2018 = Fucked up! 18+

  15. Happy New Year lads


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