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  1. Ashley Raven


    Lab knows all
  2. See you around Jack. This frag vid better be insane if I ever end up watching it
  3. Ashley Raven


    We have a FiveM server?
  4. Isn't it MILSIM? Not Milsin?
  5. Think everyone’s opinions make it pretty clear this is a bad suggestion lol. If you’ve been here long enough you’d know how much cops have had changed to them recently. And if you ever played cop you’d further know how this just wont work out. You have different options when police show up. If you choose to fight then you’re accepting that you could lose your gear.
  6. The most debatable uniform.
  7. APC and HAVOC used to have frequent wars back when I first got on this sever. Wasn’t a special event or anything it was just the factions disliking each other and therefore command basically waging war. HAVOC attack cops in police lands and cops attacking havoc CP and that. Was good fun Cryant used to make it happen regularly
  8. As an active player I should never be banned. 

  9. @LUKER you got a fan btw
  10. Ashley Raven


    -1, What Jack said. Was on constantly when it was last added
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