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  1. Player Report - Willy - 09/19/17

    @BertSon-G you still need to upload a 3 min video.
  2. Player Report - Willy - 09/19/17

    I would upload a longer video if I was you. To show no prior initiation beforehand. @Willy
  3. Player Report - [T.S.A] Adam - 09/16/17

    He's done something like this before. Had two cops around him, medic picks him up. He then runs, pulls a gun and starts to shoot....
  4. Player Report - [V] ALLSTARWOODY - 09/17/17

    11.4 Appeals/Reports/Compensation Requests- Please do not post on any report a players, unban appeals or compensation requests unless requested by a Staff Member or you are involved in the situation. @Brandon | Fluxx Gaming @Ed Miliband @Victor @FoxHound @Tim @Raymond Reddington
  5. Lords Of Valhalla

    Haven't seen this gang in a looonnnggg time Good luck
  6. I have no relation to these people. The video doesn't really include the first 'incident' as you're not even close to him when they shoot. Meaning we can't hear any initiation at all. The video shows the 2nd truck getting engaged. At the end of the day, they probably tried to initiate but you didn't hear it. But technically it is their job to make sure you hear them.
  7. Fire and Rescue

    @Rusty @Kazz is right...it's now the Altis Fire Brigade...so technically it should be changed.
  8. Actually, if you watch the video they wait atleast 6 seconds before shooting. This gives them ample time to initiate on the vehicle. If the driver did not hear them then it can go two ways with an outcome. But until they respond with their counter argument and evidence this can't go any further.
  9. I mean. When they initiated on your vehicle you were easily going slow enough for it to be valid initiation (Mainly because you rammed into their vehicle)
  10. Player Report - Bosh Wilson - 09/12/17

    So this is a revenge report? Slightly confused...going off memory but I believe @FoxHound you actioned the ban?
  11. Bye all

    Cya later mate. Good luck
  12. Police Escorts

    From hostile Raymond to kind Raymond But I think this goes for the whole of the Police (Zaros and Academy aswell)
  13. Sean Raven

    He's a scrub tbh but I'll give it to him that he can be useful.
  14. Good bye

    Cya later man
  15. F&R Bugs

    I just mean how the ranks aren't correct