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  1. Ashley Raven

    10 million giveaway

  2. Ashley Raven

    NPAS specific weaponry

    I mean.....pretty sure you shouldn't be landing for combat?
  3. Ashley Raven

    PC Specs | Share your PC Specs

    i7-8700k @ 4.7GHz MSI GTX 1080 16GB Ram 2 TB HDD 250GB SSD
  4. Ashley Raven

    steam games | updates daily

    Day of Infamy is pretty good aswell. Not on sale though
  5. Who are you?

    1. Kazz


      Who am i not?

  6. Ashley Raven

    Bring back sniper scopes

    I think you need to re-think what 'roleplay' is
  7. Ashley Raven

    Rainbow Six Siege Team

    Meh idm carrying you a bit every so often Tim ;)
  8. Ashley Raven

    CTSFO BlackSite - Bank Alternative

    Ironic coming from you. Pretty sure over 10 warning points
  9. Ashley Raven

    MPU custom diving gear?

    A diving suit is a diving suit
  10. Ashley Raven

    Conner Merlin

    @Conner Merlin so many things wrong with you
  11. Ashley Raven


    10/10 love his roleplay. Guy is sound
  12. Ashley Raven

    Events Team Altis Life

    Wasn't this a thing that @Raymond Reddington started?
  13. Ashley Raven

    Thomas white as community manager

    I mean Ninj does have a point This isn't going to make any difference to if he gets it or not. Atleast I don't think it does. We've never had a say in past community managers.
  14. Ashley Raven

    Thomas white as community manager

    I mean. Not to step in it but I agree with Lab. Back when he was trusted with a high rank in the Police he did something stupid and threw it all away.
  15. Ashley Raven

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    Good luck in the future mate. o7