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  1. Ashley Raven

    Rubber bullets

    Good luck getting this implemented.
  2. Jesus is Christ and Christ is Jesus.


  3. Ashley Raven

    Infinite toolkits.

    As Alex said, get the perk. Got infinite now
  4. Ashley Raven

    Jaden Smith - SOHO

  5. should fully let me in lotuk lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Avida


      can I put an application in for memes tho lol

    3. Lewis Reed

      Lewis Reed

      if you want

    4. maiko
  6. Ashley Raven

    This video explains the title

  7. Ashley Raven

    APC Promotions

    Thought that's a rule in every faction
  8. Ashley Raven

    is this pull downs?

    It's a private server. So I don't get what you're trying to achieve? It's not on PheonixRP...
  9. Ashley Raven

    Original Vanquish

    Last time I checked you're not OG and didn't create it
  10. Ashley Raven

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    I think you need to learn what a shitpost is. Last time I checked stating a fact that is true isn’t shitposting
  11. Ashley Raven

    Vanquish on mission

    No Vanquish are in a place to call him out after that display
  12. Ashley Raven

    A&D is fun.

    I'm blown away
  13. Ashley Raven

    Server issues..

    Server when I first joined 50+ people, police apps every day, rebel life was decent, gunfights and RP was pretty much balanced. Server midway through me being here and donating, 80-100 people Combat was slightly above RP. But everyone enjoyed their time here and the server was popping. And then we get to the present. Max of what 60 people? At a push with average around 40 ish. The main player base is at other communities as they haven't strayed from what was working for their player base and everyone found fun. The way it used to be was that no matter who you were. Combat player or RP you had a place here and it was fun for both the parties. Now I don't even think either of those two play styles have fun here.... Kevin would rather have the server dying. Yet, at its 'prime' Pheonix did cater towards combat players...but also RP as we had enough players. I didn't put money and time into this community to die just because we 'don't cater' for most of the Arma player base...you've made it work previously in a way that we had some great RP but also had decent combat. So what changed?
  14. Ashley Raven

    Server issues..

    But isn't not needed?? If he's lying so what. You saying what you've said hasn't aided the topic in anyway? Not constructive or helpful. Just there to stir...
  15. Ashley Raven

    Server issues..

    Make your own topic and get off this one. The reason this community is going downhill is moments like this. A post is made to try and help out and move the server forward. But instead, there's people like you who instead of being helpful decided to chat shit and derail