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  1. Time Submitted: 09:12:05 PM | 09/16/18 Submitted By: Ashley Raven (816) Full Character Name: Ashley Raven Date of Birth 04/28/00 Age 18 Character RP Story: Ashley Raven was born in the South of England. He was like any normal child, grew up playing sports and going to a public school. He was a quiet child, not getting into any trouble or fights. Towards the end of his school life, he couldn't decide what he wanted to do. He decided the Military would be a suitable career but he had no idea what regiment or area of the Military to join. After a lot of research, he found the Royal Marine Commandos. After passing training with flying colors he was awarded his Green Beret and went into active service with 43 Commando fleet protection. He served for 10 years discharging to move back and live in London. He still needed the thrill in his life and some fun. After again trying to find a job that gives him the same rush he signed up for the Met. Serving again for 4 years in Territorial Policing he wanted to change it up again, utilizing his old skills from the Military he passed Firearms selection and was placed as ARV. After serving in this department for 4 more years, Ashley needed a break. So he decided to move to Los Santos and start a new beginning. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I wish to join the LSPD as I spent a lot of time of time previously on PheonixRP FiveM server when it first launched reaching CI and helping the police force along aswell as being in one of the RP gangs. I wish to return to what I previously knew and get the RP back again. I feel like FiveM has a lot more to offer than Arma does as I've got bored of it after so long. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: I have previous experience on PheonixRP FiveM server as a CI and also experience in multiple GTA Police Groups both times reaching specialist departments and spending multiple hours in-game. I also have good communication, good teamwork and a good drive to achieve goal.
  2. Ashley Raven

    First :D

    It’s been a while
  3. Ashley Raven

    First :D

    Played when it first released. Was really good fun with gang RP and then it all went pear-shaped. But at the start was great fun, about 6 of us Rping as Gangster's in 1950's car's and having a lawyer with us ( @Kayle Ravelle ) and making deals with other gangs / police
  4. Ashley Raven

    Bringinf Matty P into the management team

    Eh... -1. I don't have anything against him personally. But I just wouldn't trust him just from previous Matty when I first joined. I still like him. 2nd favorite Canadian.
  5. Ashley Raven

    Life-Fragz - Ragnar

    I was questioning if this was a fragtage or nah. But yea, cut your clips other than that it's aight.
  6. Ashley Raven

    Arcus P.M.C. [ARCUS] - Recruiting

    What does SAF stand for?
  7. Ashley Raven

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    ^^^ +1
  8. Ashley Raven

    LoTUK - Applications Open

  9. Ashley Raven

    Goodbye ;)

    Cya mate. Decent lad, good luck wherever you go
  10. Ashley Raven

    Suicide vest

    This is top notch meme.
  11. Ashley Raven

    10 million giveaway

  12. Ashley Raven

    NPAS specific weaponry

    I mean.....pretty sure you shouldn't be landing for combat?
  13. Ashley Raven

    PC Specs | Share your PC Specs

    i7-8700k @ 4.7GHz MSI GTX 1080 16GB Ram 2 TB HDD 250GB SSD
  14. Ashley Raven

    steam games | updates daily

    Day of Infamy is pretty good aswell. Not on sale though