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  1. I was one of the cops involved and the one who went and got Victor. Basically we restrain him and his friend as they were doing Meth. I go to speak to his friend, and whilst this is going on we get Damien's ID and he is wanted. So we were going to arrest him. He was put in the Prowler whilst we speak to his friend. Next thing we know he is in the gunner seat spraying a mag into Jayyy. I shoot him, then go and get Victor and the rest is well him being banned for it. He didn't seem to understand he shouldn't of done it. All he kept saying to me the whole time was 'You should of taken my gun, you are not doing your police job right!'. Bare in mind it was a day ban @Kayle Ravelle it'll be over soon.
  2. Cya soon. Have a nice time
  3. Good luck!
  4. Cya Vlat. Thanks for the fun times
  5. Last post of Chip every body. But Ninj is OP tbh
  6. The thing is. Police are stretched as it I atm. So when you have fully geared rebels, who obviously don't need the money or really want to RP are robbing a gas station all it comes across as cop bait... Me and another HAVOC member came across your gang robbing a gas station earlier. You had a 'hostage' and we tried so hard to get some RP but all we got was 'want you 300m away or he is dead' To me that just seems like you guys didn't want to RP what so ever... Thought I'd just leave this here @Jord
  7. But would we follow our own HAVOC laws, or would we need to enforce the usual laws? +1 though
  8. @Tim
  9. Going away for a week, so hopefully, everything stays the same! But in some respects, im excited to see what's going to change within a week. Anyways, farewell! @Chippy123 @Sleepy don't let meh down!! @Dan don't break academy
  10. Good luck
  11. Oh no, someone made a mistake Sure it'll be fixed in time though.
  12. Highly offended. However one of them does look like @Chippy123
  13. AK12 is OP. If you want one just rob Police or HAVOC as said above.
  14. It not being fair doesn't deem them to get a punishment they do not deserve. Life isn't fair, I think most people know that. As stated by Sam - You broke a server rule, so you got a punishment for that. They broke police rules, meaning they get a police punishment. Edit: just realized this is in a ban appeal section. If you actually wanna appeal it best thing to do is post a 'un-ban appeal' located here