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  1. How are we supposed to know this is your inventory? Can you not take a screenshot of your full inventory so your name can be seen in the backdrop?
  2. Sorry mate, I already said this, please remove your post.
  3. Please post a picture of the item in your inventory to prove the authenticity of the item.
  4. Johnny Price


    Good luck lads.\\
  5. It's not semen dumbass its drugs omegaLUL
  6. Come on down to my red burger located in Kavala Sqaure, It's a newly opened business but I can assure you we have the best burgers in all of Altis, we even add a little 'spice' if you know what I mean just ask for the 'special offer' 😉
  7. Can you not see the quality RP in this video?
  8. It's not though is it, you present no case, you would be useless in office.
  9. Vote Johnny, he is the alpha in the run.
  10. Jimmy isn't running though, the post he made was from ages ago.....
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