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  1. If you're going to moan about hours, just don't be a pilot you're not required to be you know lol...
  2. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    Mate I'd rather have 5 people than a bunch of no-names who were mass recruited 4hed
  3. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    Imagine being salty because you got rejected from a shit gang lol
  4. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    your excessive use of the word bro tells me a lot about you lmao
  5. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    you got me there bro
  6. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    About what?
  7. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    shut it you fucking wetwipe
  8. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    I'm in ranbo you soft cunt
  9. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    Ay that was actually a sick comeback
  10. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    Damn bro, that cool as shit
  11. Big Gaz

    r | ranbo

    IGN: Big Gaz/ Gaz Hours in Arma: 2000 Previous gangs: Typhoon, Ares. Vouches: Bandit, Jackson and any other kids that want to
  12. If you did use my photos, will I be getting payment for them?
  13. Big Gaz

    bandit again

    It was a fuckin pleasure son
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