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  1. That’s great I’ll see you then sir
  2. @Bandit you seem abit upset sir maybe you wanna roleplay I heard it cools you down
  3. Imagine putting an RDM clip in Yikes
  4. It wasn’t really a simple suggestion was it it to my understanding you started the toxicity saying how we are scared of you... and yes some people in havoc retaliated but what do you expect when you don’t want to role-play, @Obsidian made very valid puts on how you should put the effort in to see how many havoc are there and actually roleplay for once, wether or not havoc was taking the piss out of you it’s irrelevant when the toxicity first came from you.
  5. James Fire


    Tower lag isn’t really a problem if you actually know how to old a dmt and tower lag works both ways
  6. James Fire


    Dmts are not the problem... keep dmts just get rid of long range scopes It Atleast make them harder to get
  7. I think just proves my original post that you are not here to roleplay regardless you killed 1 guy who had a rook (which even then sounds improbable) congrats to you but combat is not what cp is for, like what @_Lewis said Atleast try to put effort in and actual do a recon or roleplay... but as you stated you just want to “get killed” Frag*
  8. Will there be a community meeting where you @Stephen and @Zinner will discuss and listen to the community in a channel ?
  9. This clearly shows you just want to initiate on cp without any interaction with havoc, maybe if you actually role played and spoke to the people at the cp you could get a clear number on who was at the cp, instead of turning up asking then initiating
  10. if a mass unban takes place maybe give everyone who was unbanned a 1 strike policy, and if they recommit just reban them
  11. As you are edging towards it I say you should go for it yes it will take a long time to unban the actual people and based on your past 2 communities I say 3rd time lucky. Maybe you could save the ban file and if things go wrong then just reimplement the band but as you said it is ultimately Kevin’s decision
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