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    no, no he is not.
  2. Time Submitted: 07:36:08 PM | 06/17/17 Submitted By: Ethan- (810) In-Game Name: hello Steam / Player ID: 76561198122448329 Date of Event: 06/17/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUcONh1yvUo Details of Event: I was driving up to the weed processor when i bumped into the top of the roof thingy and my vehicle buzzed out and ended up exploding. I died instantly when i hit it. I lost a full truck of weed and a full gear loadout Compensation Amount: Weed truck ~ 2.4m. ( This was yesterday before when the price was 150%). Gear: Vest - 100 000 Car-95 - 125 000 Clothes - 25 000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    Ahahaha. The Red zone thingy was @Zephs idea l0l
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    - More ATMs Currently there are very few places where ATMs are located. I suggest adding them in more towns so you wont have to go too long distances just to either take or store money. - Vehicle clean up script I suggest adding a clean up script that puts your vehicle in the garage after 20-30 minutes of it not being used. ( Using keys, open inventory and driving will reset the timer on the clean script ) - Truck shop by Athira Currently you have to either go to Pyrgos or Kavala to buy a truck. Due to Athira being in the middle of the map i suggest adding a more viable Truck shop closer to Athira. ( Within 4 km maybe ) - 5.8 Stealth suppressors added to rebel outpost 1 If you add this type of suppressor that works with the Car-95 that would be lovely ( Car-95 is one of my favorite weapons ) - 6.5 Stealth suppressors added to rebel outpost 1 The same with this applies to the one above. You can use it with the Type 115. - "Redzone" Rebel outpost I suggest adding another rebel outpost below Pyrgos where it is an aura around it where the rule "2.2" (RDM) doesn't apply. This would both fill in a void in the map and add a place where people can gear up faster but with a higher risk.
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    Hi, we're here now.