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  1. FPS ranges from 40 to 60. Dips in Kavala to around 30. Ryzen 5 2600x | GTX 1070ti | 16 Gigs Ram
  2. still, teach snowboardingΒ  brother

    1. R0WAN


      hahahaha I forgot about the brother thing

  3. brother you should be in bed

  4. R0WAN

    Add back ASP

    Clearly he is just the better player
  5. Basically every time I leave the server I get kicked from my current gang (Adapt) and put in my old gang. (LSM)
  6. Great RPers the both of them
  7. InGame Name: r0w4n Steam ID: dunno Age: 25 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): can look on my steam Previous Gangs: 77777777777 Why would you like to join Seismic: to play? What can you bring to Seismic: gameplay What current memeber could vouch for you: all of them
  8. R0WAN


    Calm down
  9. R0WAN

    My ban glich

    That's a ban for cheating
  10. I was at the situation so I'l comment. Cameron and Dandy were both sent to jail and myself and Cobra were later revived by medics. JackM wasn't apart of the gunfight as he didn't have a gun at this time and was not involved. So yea, we're not too sure what you are on about.
  11. You got to have them at places people will want.to fight at. OG arms for example.
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