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      Gang Initiation   03/22/18

      Please note the below rule is now in affect!
        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. Seismic | s | Recruitment | OPEN

    Great RPers the both of them
  2. Seismic | s | Recruitment | OPEN

    InGame Name: r0w4n Steam ID: dunno Age: 25 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): can look on my steam Previous Gangs: 77777777777 Why would you like to join Seismic: to play? What can you bring to Seismic: gameplay What current memeber could vouch for you: all of them
  3. Huron now costs 75x as much as its truck counterpart

    Rent = waste of money
  4. #3

    Calm down
  5. My ban glich

    That's a ban for cheating
  6. Player Report - cCameron and -HYDRA- Dandy - 08/30/17

    I was at the situation so I'l comment. Cameron and Dandy were both sent to jail and myself and Cobra were later revived by medics. JackM wasn't apart of the gunfight as he didn't have a gun at this time and was not involved. So yea, we're not too sure what you are on about.
  7. You got to have them at places people will want.to fight at. OG arms for example.
  8. Rebel Bait

    Ah sorry about that. Thought I recognized one of the names.
  9. Rebel Bait

    R0WAN maybe it was different guys but you picked me up outside of Zaros took me to the USS Freedom and then to Lakka Millitary Towers
  10. Rebel Bait

    Hey weren't you that guys that took me hostage when I was a unarmed hobo and then when I asked why you said you wanted to fight cops?
  11. Few ideas

    That's just beatz being stupid. Ignore him
  12. [AFF] Altis Freedom Force

  13. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Yea that's exactly what we do. Snipe for a bit then take Ifrits up and decamp under the dmts. Good fun
  14. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Havoc seem to be very OP compared to rebels. Free gear and a massive checkpoint that 4 people can hold easily. Source - 4 of us held it for about 30mins, fighting all of the cops and Havoc. Gunfight ended because we were all banned for "rdm"
  15. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Just a shame there's not that big a rebel population

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