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We have just migrated our server to a new machine, DNS has been updated however if you are still having trouble connecting feel free to contact a member of staff.


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  1. [AFF] Altis Freedom Force

  2. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Yea that's exactly what we do. Snipe for a bit then take Ifrits up and decamp under the dmts. Good fun
  3. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Havoc seem to be very OP compared to rebels. Free gear and a massive checkpoint that 4 people can hold easily. Source - 4 of us held it for about 30mins, fighting all of the cops and Havoc. Gunfight ended because we were all banned for "rdm"
  4. Somke kind of joke #remixthen

    Just a shame there's not that big a rebel population
  5. Addition of the Ak-12

    Don't see an issue tbh. Plenty better guns already available for us rebels to use, MK1, LRR etc. +1 to this. Can we have some reasons why Havoc don't want rebels to have access to it?
    1. Harry
    2. Matt


      HAVOC have to many members currently. So apps will remain closed till the cop - civ - HAVOC is balanced

    3. Tyler


      Reduce players from havoc i mean there is alot lmao..

  6. New Transport Chopper for HAVOC

    Edit - Can I get a APC for Troop Transport?
  7. Please Help!

    Yea that's an Item for the really rich/stupid to show off with. Not really end game. Sounds interesting, if you can add a bunch of props to make it a more combat zone instead of a city It really would be a unique feature. Yea, also no more than Kavala i'd say since it has nothing in it. Wiping a certain percent will do nothing. Rich will stay rich and poor will stay poor. Its all all nothing. Understand a lot of work has gone into them but they are really good. Like really good. 2 men could hold oil trader compound. Another thing I'l add. Was told this by a mate not sure if 100% true. But is there a 17mill licence for only black guns? I know how, its just the average hobo doing his run wont
  8. Please Help!

    There was no real end game. Once your gang had the money after a couple of runs there was only really the HM to do. I haven't been on the server in a bit (was on holiday) but I noticed you changed the economy. I'll hope on the server and see whats what with that. I feel the HM needs to be moved, while a custom HM can be good I feel like this one wasn't that good and really easy for cops. Source - I cleared the HM building of 3 guys myself while AR cleared the DMT. The compound in between Kore and Agios is the best place I feel. It works well for both cops and rebels and has a mix of cqb and long range. Cops can push put with some nice cover while rebels still have an overview of whats happening if they know what there doing. The cop limit to do a HM should also be increased to about 15. Stops rebel gangs having a easy win with the bare minimum of 10 cops online. Capture zones - "Red zones" (RDM Zones) are great, It lets players just go at each other in a gunfight without having to worry about any issues. By making them capture-able it also draws players too them. I suggest having 3 zones with a good custom made area to fight in and once your gang takes the zone you get a reward. Throwing ideas off the top of my head for rewards but you could have it so guns are 10% cheaper if you own capture point A. Drug prices go up by a couple thousand if you capture zone B, etc etc. Also allow cops to go into these capture zones and try take them back from the rebels. Maybe if cops take them they get a boost to their paycheck. Events - Admin led events can be a ton of fun. For example - Admin spawns in and clothes himself as an escaped prisoner. Admin message goes out to the whole server saying that "there an escaped convict located East of Athria heading up the road towards salt mine. Capture him and take him back to Athria PD for a cash prize." Gives players something to do, chase after him, compete with other gangs to get there first and get the prize, that kind of stuff. I will add I would stay away from AI Events. They can be a bit iffy and sometimes the AI just wonder off and start to shoot everyone, not a good thing to happen to players, especially new ones. Havoc and Cops - Having the whole map split down the middle is a sketchy idea tbh. And only having one entrance is also quite dodgy. At least you want to have multiply entrances into Havoc land, even if they are gaps in the fences. It allows people to skip the checkpoint and avoid having to pay tax. Now there is a risk to it, if caught they could be taken to a Havoc jail and made to serve time, or perhaps a fine is introduced, not the 200K one tho. Havoc are making millions off of taxing players for boarder passes and then taxes for trucks. Also not sure if still a thing but the 200K tickets that Havoc members would give out are just stupid, there is no way a new player or someone who has only done 1 or 2 runs is going to have enough to pay that, it would bankrupt them. And on top of that If you didn't pay the ticket you were executed. You lose either way. Some stuff that I came across when I was in the Police - High ranks not being in patrol channels, not sure if this has been delt with or not but multiply times while playing as cops it was only the lower ranks that were in patrol channels. The high ranks were in different channels, playing in game doing their own thing and unable to be whispered to. It was frustrating trying to get back up or call things in. Understand this was before I went on Holiday and left and it might of been delt with by the COMs. City capture zones - That's an interesting one, I wouldn't have that as a "Red Zone" as new players will spawn in and get killed, meaning they will leave because they think its an RDM server. If you make them take a long time to capture and it notifies other gangs I think it could be good. Just needs a good reward to go with it. Zaros main city - I understand why you moved the spawn but I don't think it works out. Its too far from anything, its not got the main road to connect it with everything and it is pretty small. New Economy - Doesn't effect any of the rich players. Rich will stay rich, poor will really have to work for a tenth of the cash. Just by looking at the stats page leaderboard I can tell you that the new economy wont effect them in the slightest. To make a level playing field you would have to wipe it all, but that would come at the cost of your player base. Gang Bases - They are so fucking OP. Hands down. Oil trader compound could be held with 2 good players. And if Aptitude still have theirs they could probably hold it with 3 players, 2 good. Edit: Also duping weapons was really easy. No I didn't dupe weapons but I can let staff know the way in private and they can test if its been fixed or not. I'l review this once i've played on the server for a couple hours. All these are my opinions. Don't just -1 give feedback
  9. Please Help!

    Myself and my gang left because there was nothing to do for us except kill cops or havoc. Made all our money in pretty much 3 days and were left with nothing to do.
  10. New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    You want a good way to make money? Buy a truck and blasting charge. Rock up to the hm and rp it. Fucking easy money.
  11. Yellow Zones

    They are kos zones
  12. Compensation Requests / Ban system

    I don't. What your saying is that we should let rule breakers stay on the server so it doesn't die. Well having a bunch of people running around breaking rules is what makes a server die.
  13. Compensation Requests / Ban system

    Player A rdmed player B. Player B tries to get comp from player A. Player A refuses and report goes up. Player A gets banned and player B gets comp. Easy.
  14. niceprofilem8               ^^^^^^