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  1. Annex

    Ban Appeal - Annex - 09/17/17

    I said it to foxhound as an indirect joke and did not intend on actually harming anyone
  2. Annex

    Ban Appeal - Annex - 09/17/17

    Time Submitted: 12:29:20 PM | 09/17/17 Submitted By: Annex (804) In-Game Name: Annex Steam / Player ID: 76561198182212958 Administrator who issued ban: Harry Date of ban: 08/31/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: So initially the reason why I was banned is because I told Foxhound at the time in rage that if this doesn't get dealt with I'm going to get physical. In my blind rage I kept on ranting about a recording that had been taken over team speak, now chatting to several people it doesn't say recording over team speak is against its policies. Moving on so time comes where I addressed this with management and want this to be resolved, my initial outcome I wanted was to give Labrador a warning. We then sit in the boardroom with Harry and Labrador talking about this incident and how we can overcome it. Now personally I state that I wasn't happy that Labrador recorded me and I was angry since he took that recording and went directly to the current CSI who was Bagen Vexy. I feel like Labrador was fishing for promotions and I can say this with confidence since Ive spoken to several officers and staff that have dealt with him before, On his sound cloud page were 2 recordings and In a way were similar since they both covered a cop issue and looking at speaking about people behind their back. So Harry says okay Annex thank you for telling us and Labrador calls me straight forward a 2 Face Person. I was then told by Harry that it was personal attacks to a minor. Before I addressed this myself and Bagen did some digging and stumbled across several accounts of Labrador with his date of birth under the year 2000. According to several management members his date of birth varies and therefore is not a minor since he appears over the age of 18. Since I was not aware that he Is a minor is not my fault. What reason was given for your ban? Personal Attacks toward Labrador Why should you be unbanned? I deserve to be heard out on it was rude to speak to Labrador first and not get my side of the story. I personally did not deserve this ban since earlier I went up to Labrador and told him Ive still got access to the database and he said okay we will remove that, I then told im im gonna rejoin and join academy and he said no you are not. I mean how can you be like that to a previous officer, I apologized on the forums and he doesnt even take the time to acknowledge that, personally I think im in the wrong and so is he.! I will never speak to him again and personally deserve a second chance since no one heard me out What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  3. Annex

    Good bye

    Must keep in touch lad
  4. Annex

    It’s been done...

    To all of the current members of one of the greatest community I wish all of you the best for the future... I want to thank @FoxHound @Tim @Wolf For the support and an opportunity to represent academy! I want to apologize to all SMT and Staff for my recent behavior and want to personally apologize to @Labrador it has been a fun time and very welcoming stay but unfortunately my behaviors have been unacceptable and I am going to reflect on what has been done to try reduce the changes of this occurring in the near future, and to @ninj I will never forget you dude, you were the heart of Havoc and thanks for being a little nosy blob and hope you get that sgt rank buddy ! I wish everyone the best! Sincerely Connor Smith (ANNEX)
  5. Server will be missed but guess every action has a consequence and I need to learn from that! Thanks to all of the members for making my stay special and I would personally like to apologize to SMT and Labrador for the scene made, it was a dick move to make a threat and I do regret saying that but anyways its my time to go! THANK YOU <3 

    1. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      Cya Annex. Good luck in the future.

  6. Cheers yall my time to go #BIAS toward us

  7. Annex


    Why are there cops inside havoc cp ? like ummm
  8. Annex


    I wish
  9. Annex

    Cops can't go Civ rule

    I dont agree mate, yes i understand it becomes boring but also we need to think in a way that will lift our civ to cop ratio !
  10. Annex

    Cops low numbers?

    There are plenty of great cops such as @Labrador and the rest of command ! dont understand what you on about
  11. Annex

    Goodbye PheonixRP

    Safe Travels and the best for the future
  12. Annex

    Buh bye

    Adios nick you little memestar!
  13. Nearly lost my life a couple days ago, got involved in a massive gunfight.


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    2. Jord


      damn glad ur okay

    3. Annex


      I mean couple scrapes but Ill be fine

    4. Bosh1
  14. Annex

    My Boys

    Anyone miss the real OG's? Vlatthebat & Dan Shwarner "?
  15. Annex


    Adios amego sad to see you go mate !