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  1. thats a pretty dank montage
  2. I guess my first frag movie - Vortex

    pretty good !
  3. Frag Movie 3

    fuck that was some cheesy frags to be honest
  4. To be honest mah dude we are the real OG's
  5. it was time for me to leave cops.. I do miss you guys very much and wish the best to academy! I want to see the world from a new perspective :)

    Love- Annex

    1. Peter
    2. Dimo


      Welcome to the dark side

    3. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      Cya later man

  6. Lew Reyn

    welcome randy !!
  7. Annex

  8. its monday tomorrow :(

    1. Whitehead


      you depress me.

  9. Good morning phoenix role play, have a great day and remember role play is in our blood !

  10. I'm new pls help

    welcome Dimo, to make money i suggest you purchase a truck and get a pick-axe from the market and mine copper or iron I am positive you will need licenses but its easy you just approach the processor and purchase license i hope this helps you and enjoy your stay
  11. this week is so long

  12. Greetings Annex, how do I tell if I am accepted or denied to join the Police Force?

    1. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      Don't mean to write this on your profile Annex but @Smith you'll get a PM from an Academy member saying if you have been accepted or denied and what to do next.

  13. Welcome to all the new players :)

  14. I'm so glad to see that everyday the server is moving forward and we are gaining more and more players each day From my side to the new players Welcome and enjoy your stay !
  15. RE: Fully leaving bye

    VLAT THE LAD you and I got some businesses to chase i got that website you looking for !