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  1. Harry

    Pingu Phantom Forces #3

    @Ryan Wilson You got some competition
  2. Harry

    Friendship Circles and various Issues!!!

    I really don't see why people don't like 'friendship circles', like when you go to work or school do you have a group of friends? probably, would you protect them if they did something wrong? the answer is yes
  3. Harry


    I would like to know which admin has said that chasing is roleplay because personally, I wouldn't say it is but if management says it is then I retract my comment about chasing a vehicle
  4. Harry


    With how the rule is being treated now (as it has been pointed out that the only thing that has changed is the removal of '10 seconds') It is impossible to stop a vehicle as you have to roleplay with them beforehand so by the time you have stopped, got out and started to talk to them they are in the next town. I have even gone in game with a management member to see how he would stop a car (I was going 40 kph, very slow) and he was unable to roleplay with me and then tell me to the car and was told if I want to stop a vehicle I would have to spike strip them (as a civ to then RP with them and rob them) Sure whatever keep it the same with person to person but it should be different for person to vehicle
  5. Harry

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    https://gyazo.com/74b69e1e3154de833c03f988ed663c72 Defo metagame
  6. Will be screen sharing the fight on discord so add me up


    1. Harry


      Soz turns out you can't have audio with screen share :(

  7. Post Malone's plane making a emergency landing (due to a blown wheel)


  8. Harry

    this dude needs to shut up

    It's a different guy
  9. Harry

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Harry 'The pussy slayer' Age: 17 Hours on Roblox: 6969 Hours on Arma: 0.2 hours in the last year Games you have considered "laddy": Arma 3 past run ins with the rozzas: One stared at me and I stared back Opinions on Brexit: they should jog on Do you watch Love Island? : Sorry I'm straight Do you play Minecraft: Depends if i'm gay Whats your whip status: 2005 ford fiesta ghia 1.4 Pass times you like to do: getting picked up by conner in his Corsa Is it coming home ?: There's a small possibility
  10. Harry

    Hmm it's been a great journey

    Hmm, where do I start I guess?? Well, I will start with the how I got here. At the start October 2016 I was ‘friends’ with some people called Smally, and Connermcdx (both toxic children) Smally was banned off the server we played on that claims to be the biggest RP server (lol) some shit happened and Smally got banned, and at the same time Kevin was making this server that was taki life (which never happened) we then used his TS to play other games and Arma. The next day I made a forum account (October 13th 2016) and made a staff and cop application, so I was now support and the head of police. After a few weeks I moved up to staff and was staff for a while then got staff lead with wolf (he then stepped down after a while) Then one day I was talking to Kevin and Conner (can't remember what we were talking about) I was asked if I wanted to be CM which I said no to as it had less power than support at the time and then they said would i like to be management (or something along those lines) which I said yes to (this was from about mid July 2017 I think @Conner Merlin probs knows) Also along my time here i found Cryant in his own TS who was drinking himself away after losing LOV from the same server i came from (#riplov) and asked if he wanted join here which then lead to him being the General of HAVOC (along with Conner) and after doing this he made me start at the bottom of the ranks of HAVOC ( i was staff lead at the time) still pissed about that ngl. Moving on Well, I'm guessing you all know why I'm writing this. As most people have noticed I really haven't been active (or as active as most people) for a long time, I guess it's from getting burnt out from Arma as I really cba to do anything that's related to it. I will be on TS but I am stepping down from management, it really has been a good time here. I would like to thank everyone for everything I would tag everyone but there is really too many so here's the main ones. @Conner Merlin You may have a Corsa but you make everyone laugh @Kevin Thank you for making this community and everything you have done for me @Cryant have known you for a long time and you have always been a friend @Kayle Ravelle You're more inactive than me but you're a good guy and make sure the country always has chicken @Ollie Thanks for all the web stuff you have done But most importantly @Kyle without you we wouldn't have had a server in a week As I said before if I didn't tag you then you are all great (Apart from a few)
  11. Harry

    Phoenix: Infinity War

    Clearly I was the sexy one for obvious reasons