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  1. Harry

    Server issues..

    I stepped down from management a few months ago, but this is my opinion. This is how I see the server from my eyes. Firstly as Recce has said above the server is 80% (he said 90%) combat which everyone can get on board with and is a fair statement. However, let's not forget that some of the 80 % of the player base like to RP as well as combat (there are people who just want to have gunfights, and that is how they get enjoyment from the game) Now this is how I truly see the server, people are not playing due management pushing away players that like gunfights more than RP: https://gyazo.com/62f0f3b4d97cb265dd15ff07bf6ffcd7 (From the rules changelog) Yes RP should be enforced however combat shouldn't be a 'last resort' as this is how some people have fun. Also adding rules which no one is asking for like this one: 4.6 Medical Custody - A player being revived is automatically in medical custody until the medic has discharged them. whilst a person is in medical custody they cannot be robbed, ziptied, or initiated on. (it's the "automatically in medical custody" that is unclear why it was added) And also the initiation rule that was 'changed' but wasn't changed made it impossible to initiate on someone in a vehicle as you were had to first RP with them beforehand then tell them to stop like you have to be brain dead if you think that this works (or fun) And this is why no one wants to play as they can't play how they want as it has to be one way and one way only. (you get the idea but cba to write anymore as nothing gets listened to or take seriously even when I message Management in a private discord channel)
  2. Harry

    SCO19 meme

    It says Harry
  3. Harry

    Delete Please

    Hello I am a Tesco worker and can say that the 10% discount is pretty bad however we can get 20% off on F&F Do I still need to make an app due to me being a worker there? Hell I should be running this shit NOTE: they changed the name from Tesco Clubcard to Serenity
  4. Harry

    Gang base wars

  5. Harry

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    They shouldn't have to and is just more confusing
  6. Harry

    Link to stats page

    There is a lot of information but only staff can see it
  7. Feel like some people need to grow up when it comes to comments, if you can't play without being offended by what someone says online then don't go on the internet

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    2. Andy Wick

      Andy Wick

      dont do that, he'll get offended

    3. Kevin
    4. Sig


      yall better shut the fuck up right now i got the bullyhunters on speed-dial

  8. Harry

    Pingu Phantom Forces #3

    @Ryan Wilson You got some competition
  9. Harry

    Friendship Circles and various Issues!!!

    I really don't see why people don't like 'friendship circles', like when you go to work or school do you have a group of friends? probably, would you protect them if they did something wrong? the answer is yes
  10. Harry


    I would like to know which admin has said that chasing is roleplay because personally, I wouldn't say it is but if management says it is then I retract my comment about chasing a vehicle
  11. Harry


    With how the rule is being treated now (as it has been pointed out that the only thing that has changed is the removal of '10 seconds') It is impossible to stop a vehicle as you have to roleplay with them beforehand so by the time you have stopped, got out and started to talk to them they are in the next town. I have even gone in game with a management member to see how he would stop a car (I was going 40 kph, very slow) and he was unable to roleplay with me and then tell me to the car and was told if I want to stop a vehicle I would have to spike strip them (as a civ to then RP with them and rob them) Sure whatever keep it the same with person to person but it should be different for person to vehicle
  12. Harry

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    https://gyazo.com/74b69e1e3154de833c03f988ed663c72 Defo metagame