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Sam Applefield

NHS Command
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    I sell apples and peaches, sometimes pears too....

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  1. Sam Applefield

    Wong Out

    Bye bye mate, had a good time. Sad to se you leave now :,(
  2. Lovely vid 😂
  3. Sam Applefield


    Hello hello, don't now who u are. Cus I aint og gamer
  4. god darn this new gov, aint going no one a favour but himself.
  5. Nw you've always been my other mosquito 😉
  6. You are always welcome to hop into my channel, just don't fuck too much around! Will miss having that annoying mosquito coming and going around me. But! You're a good lad, hope the future will be even better!
  7. We're gonna miss u man. Hope we still can keep in touche ❤️
  8. Declined, please provide more solid evidence as I can't confirm that this was right after you had logged off.
  9. I see u like Takistan mate

    1. Sam Applefield

      Sam Applefield

      Last time I checked u were Cpl. u still that?

    2. Tom Pea

      Tom Pea

      I have no clue to be honest, and Takis dead. Shit FPS and Shit players

    3. Sam Applefield

      Sam Applefield

      I've never bothered to play that mate. But played there not so long ago tho

  10. Yeah sorry I meant '/' ofc
  11. Mine was “\” on the num-pad Didn’t know it was something else tho hah
  12. Hello, hello!

    How is everyone doing this morning?

    Is anyone even up?

    1. TG_Boothy


      Unmute on teamspeak 🙄

    2. Sam Applefield

      Sam Applefield

      I ain't home. 

      I will unmute tomorrow :)

    3. TG_Boothy


      Stinker confirmed

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