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  1. Salty☑️

    Just some venting

    Alright is say my love as for some one who can help fix this situation with havoc cops and civs Ted bring him back in ad a full management member when he was com rep. Comunication was good shit got done the factions where in a much better place. He also held weekly good events and brought the idea of gang wars to phx still waiting for hsos vs ct btw and as a full management member he can help fox the shit hole.of a staff team we have Honestly bring ted back and alot of the problems are solved
  2. Cops make up alot of the rebel life some of the biggest gangs are cops doing this would kill rebel life in my opinion
  3. To stop this issue about toning new gangs things like that I see this rule slot on other servers a gang of 10+ becomes offical gets a free uniform. But these offical gangs cant rob new or non offical gangs this give a fair opportunity for the smaller gangs
  4. Time Submitted: 01:36:15 PM | 12/11/19 Submitted By: Salty☑️ Forum ID: 7971 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Rule Suggestions Suggestion Title: Perpusfull Dysync Raming What Is Your Suggestion: so if some one desync rams you or S1 you it counts as 1 way inisation but come full inisation when you shoot at them. see this a lot on other servers I like the rule and think it should be on here
  5. Salty☑️


    had the same issue today caped a popup went to rev a mate. used the items in the table it did the animation but did not take the item from my inventory or did it heal him
  6. In Game Name:salty Timezone:gmt Age:17 Hours On Arma 3:3k Previous Gangs:APEX Star Vouches:Apex How Active Can You Be:Very
  7. i wonder why they would not like another gang like apex
  8. Salty☑️

    allow my video

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