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  1. Happy birthday

    want some chicken?

  2. Happy Birthday rule breaker!!!!

  3. so it would work like a cartel but instead of money you get items like snipers LMGS scopes. so there would be a oil rig with a crate on it it takes 30mins to cap and every 15 min it can spawn drugs or some gear its there for a full restart and gear only spawns if there is 30+ people on just another new thing for gangs to do.
  4. Time Submitted: 10:18:58 PM | 08/10/19 Submitted By: Salty☑️ (7971) In-Game Name: MrStealYaWife Steam / Player ID: 76561198981746235 Date of Event: 08/10/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/de12ad6adb114649564dd0b375a0c8db Details of Event: we did bank we killed 80% of cops and then server did a mass kick and after the cops refused to comeback on so we could finish it and get the gold Compensation Amount: not shure but we would of prossed it and sold it in the 50-65mill mark but we would be fin with just getting the ammount of gold bars given us so we can store them and prosses them. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. along time ago you joined your first gang that I was lead of I think
  6. I will not be voteing for a man with his background if he gets gov I will be exposing this mans past
  7. Salty☑️


    i think if someone blatant VDMs you they sould be KOS just the people in the car that VDMs you it would work like tire inisation VDM would be one way until who ever was in that car shoots ban then its gang inisation
  8. Just skip the point and keep ya pride
  9. The bata should be open legit so many more bugs could be exposed in a smaller time frame @Scarso @Zyn @Conner Merlin fuck the donation thing let the community help by making it open and getting the server bug free and you could get so much more freed back makes no sense to.keep it.closed
  10. Battle metric tend to prove ot
  11. My arma3 hours iv only played one server and I got 3.5k The argument we are saying let people who played the server for along time.no matter there record bata test it seame fair then spending 120 on it
  12. i got over 2k hours on the server can I be able to play the test or nor
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