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  1. allow my video

  2. Accepted on a Trail Message one of us for the Info
  3. Salty☑️


    your game looks fucking horrid like I got a toaster if you want that might look better
  4. HSS is useless al they are used for it for who ever had whitelisting to log off go on as civ so have slots can open up. they server no real purpas than being there cuz cops have one havoc is a rebel faction in no real world or a fictanal world do they have a separate unit most of the time normal officers and things like that would go undercover. HSS is useless its like MPU AND HMU useless
  5. no there on the server and if they get chopped give us the chance to keep them like there is no issue with us have a 2% chance of keeping them
  6. i think we slould be able to keep them it a fun thing and its a chance to get rare cars and mraps so yes do it
  7. So if there are two gangs who don't like each other they could declare war on each other and at this time they could get accses to a war uniform that stands them out from other gangs no this cant be KOS as this could leed to lots of RDM cases. but you would not have to roleplay with them and cout straight up say hands up or be shot there also could be a surrender system this could be don't at rebel outpost or gang bases where they could surrender from the war and have to pay war damages put a limit on this of 2.5mill a week or maybe 5mill as its not hard to make this money in the gang founds. also a couple rules could be laxed out like th vdm rule could state if you are at war with a gang any vehicle my VDM any vehicle. you could also declare war on factions and it all works the same way and for ether side to surrender to a faction there could be a meeting set between the leads of the gang and the factions. also faction may declare war on each other. I think its a fun thing to be added but it will have to have its own set of rules regarding the war future. comment what you think of it.
  8. that is a solid point tbh that's is mybe 300+people who may still play the server if they where to be unbaned
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