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  1. Sig

    Getting oil

    Mining is done through pressing the windows key when you are at the field
  2. ivy

    🤷‍♂️ guess your stuck with me xx

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    2. Sig


      Hahhha was a pretty good meme not gonna lie

    3. ivy


      ily sig 😍

    4. Sig


      Love you too sweetie 😘

  3. Sig


    Name: Sig How many hours do you have: 4k Previous Gangs: TITAN, Oddity Steam ID: 76561198143158147 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: I want to join Adapt because currently I do not have any other gangs to play with apart from Oddity like once a week which is getting pretty dead. Got some mates in the gang and think it could be alot of fun. Needed another 7 words to get 50 so here you go. What skills do you have: I like to think im not awful at combat and flying, got good cartel knowledge and I have the ability to remove all the guns from delta shops (dont tell anyone!!!!) Who in the gang can vouch for you: Jake, that weird shacky kid, josh maybe
  4. Sig

    Just a small giveaway

    I didnt leave until I joined Oddity. Gang funds were split when we had about 200m, why would we split them at 80m then?
  5. Sig

    Patrols Problems

    how what huh? Im talking about rewarding roleplay, roleplay is not about tazing someone, practically reading off a script and then sending them to jail, its about playing it out and see where it goes. Sometimes you let them go, sometimes they go to jail, all depending on their story and how they are acting. An "experienced" cop is not someone that can quote said script without looking at it.
  6. Sig

    Just a small giveaway

    ...you left to join syndicate what you on about
  7. Sig

    Patrols Problems

    dont even know what youre on about here to be honest
  8. Sig

    Patrols Problems

    You take this shit way too seriously dude. You're not a real cop. You're playing a game, and like everybody else, you're playing it to have fun. If your definition of fun is behaving exactly like an officer irl, then be my guest. But dont expect everyone else to behave like that aswell, because, quite simply, they are not real cops. To me atleast, the fun part about being a cop would be to get fun interactions with people. From my previous experience, people arent always that happy when you handcuff them instantly and make your mind up about sending them to jail before you even get to the police station. That makes the situation quite shitty for both sides. "They dont need guns to roleplay". Why are you running about with a gun then? And I never said people dont want to rp. All I said was that they wouldnt want to rp with a certain faction because of certain reasons.
  9. Sig

    Patrols Problems

    I dont see the problem in anything that is said in this post, and not really anything in the other post either. Whats wrong with the cop letting a hobo with a rook go? Its only a game, there is no need to be a dick to everyone just because they shot at you. If you want to know why alot of the bigger gangs dont want to roleplay with cops, its because cops tend to take your gun and send you to jail without even thinking about it. It needs to be fun for all parties involved, prison is not meant to be punishment, its meant to be another nice addition to a roleplay server, where at the end of the day everybody is on it just to have fun. Also in the other post it was made clear that you dont HAVE to go to the bank straight away. As for the airsoft rifle thing, how is that powergaming? Its literally just a lie, which the officer can choose not to believe or even prove its not an airsoft rifle
  10. Sig

    Drug Dealer not paying out properly

    Were the drug cartels owned?
  11. Sig

    Downloadable Mission File

    https://phoenixrp.co.uk/data/dl/PhoenixMission-win32-ia32.zip come on darragh pay attention ! ! ! Here is info on it https://phoenixrp.co.uk/profile/1-kevin/?status=3820&type=status
  12. Sig

    Just a small giveaway

    Im extremely bad so I need to fund my mk1 loadouts
  13. Sig

    My frag montage

    No need, it's not made by DGN