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  1. Sig

    lags, kicks, crashes. sponge. I'm done

    Sad to see you go mate, I admit the servers been having a lot of issues recently and it can be frustrating. We're trying to resolve this, however this takes time. For the sponge part, I'm close to finishing an improved incapacitation system so that should go live soon hopefully. Either way, good luck whereever you go next mate.
  2. Sig

    How to upgrade your TS Ban to a Community Ban

    bitch y u so toxic
  3. Sig

    Lost Gang

    Gang system is being reworked, will hopefully be ready to push with a bigger update soon.
  4. Sig

    Add 5.8 suppressor for sgts

    You're not any good anyways Jammal so doesnt really matter
  5. Sig

    some unique suggestions

    Cant tell if this is a meme or not..
  6. Sig

    Changelog - Altis Life

    We've decided to disable robbing the H.M. Financial Reserve for this update, this is to see if the bank really is what is causing mass kicks. If this is the issue, the bank will be disabled until we have found the issue and fixed it, if not then it will be re-enabled very soon. Thanks for being patient, sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. shut the fuck up tyrone
  8. Sig

    B | BANANAS !

  9. Sig

    Cartel Specifics

    shh ive forgotten
  10. Sig

    Cartel Specifics

    increases by 5% or something for each, 7min cap time both ways
  11. Sig

    Fix FPS please

    thanks great idea
  12. what was the key? and how did you find it @Josh Kray
  13. Sig

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    ay can someone like explain this