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  1. Ifrit

  2. Cartels

    Arms Cartel has the hacker perk and 3k perk aswell now
  3. Bluefor Problem: PhoenixRP server

    @Conner Merlin it's something weird with assigning gear, wipe his gear and he'll be fine
  4. Ally system

  5. Rule amendment suggestions.

    Agreed, Being forced to say a longer sentence when the outcome will be the same is not necessary, and will make a lot of unnecessary reports.
  6. banned

    Most likely yea
  7. CORN glitch

    I got you fam.
  8. Dev

    I personally +1 this suggestion.
  9. Changelog - Altis Life

    12/01/2018 | 20:00 Changed: Medical system has been reverted back to the old one for now. This is due to some issues found, that will be worked on and will be re-released once the system is stable. Sorry for the inconvenience caused over the last 24 hours. Fixed: Instant gathering issue. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
  10. Collecting any resource before processing

    Gather function is broken yes, mining function is not. This is fixed for the next update, thanks for the report.
  11. Incapacitation bugs

    Any bugs regarding incapacitation please post them below, as I think there is a few.
  12. 3 Minute Initiation at the bank

    Read the suggestion before commenting mate.
  13. Engine disable...

    EMP Device

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