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  1. Sig

    Petition to unban Nick Batsbak

    Nick was banned for our sins
  2. I stand by what I said, I believe what I said was 100% truthful.
  3. Sig

    HSOS btw

    classic celery sticks
  4. Sig

    Im sad

    They are both dead and its hilarious
  5. Sig

    The Server

    Its not as easy as "get more devs", arma devs are extremely hard to come by, the ones that are good have mostly either moved on from arma or are taken by other communities
  6. Sig

    Im sad

    lmao gottem good
  7. Sig

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    stop breathing please
  8. Sig

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    Get memed on @fisher
  9. Sig

    HAVOC slots

    Decrease slots by 20 id say
  10. Sig

    MAR-10 Competition

    yea no we can definitely revive fivem
  11. Sig

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    i legit cant wait for the ice on the northpole to melt u dutch egghead
  12. Sig

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    damn @fisher didnt know i had to carry fivem side for you aswell smh
  13. Sig

    Cannot Bleed out when player interaction occurs.

    Thats not what breaking rp means
  14. Sig

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    just jealous smh