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  1. Sig

    Kaane Phoenix 1

    Ay men this beef is juicy as why you gotta be like that
  2. Sig

    Cap Point (East Arms)

    We had a pretty good version done by @ivy before, however people wanted Pefkas instead 😕
  3. Sig

    New idea

    Lmao I can see havoc being thrilled about this
  4. Sig

    Scrambler perk

    Will be looked into
  5. Sig

    Heli crashing

    Will be looked into
  6. Sig

    fix my perk

    Will look into it
  7. Sig


    Will be looked into
  8. Sig

    Bounty Not Working

    Will be fixed
  9. Sig


    This is the same for all hotkeys, they are all executed onKeyDown. Just don't hold down the key
  10. Sig

    Disappearing Medic markers

    @Pingster Has this been an issue since?
  11. Sig

    Important Message

    Lmao only took a week
  12. Sig

    Veteran Tag

    +1 for the first 794
  13. On my screen, I was already turned around when you made a threat.
  14. Sig

    Player Report - Sig - 08/10/18 - Altis Life

    Like I stated in support, reason I did not put my hands up was because you asked a question. "Do you mind putting your hands up?". I did mind put my hands up. When you did initiate properly, you shot me instantly. Not too mention the reason that you robbed me was because you had beef with our gang, which is clearly metagaming my nametag. https://gyazo.com/d820300c3c86fd11c39e05a6eed22671