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  1. Police spike strips removal

    Then dont die with them and you wont have an issue
  2. Gangs

    Gangs are fucked, doesnt sync properly and puts you back in the same gang after leaving once you disconnect and reconnect. Also when you leave it, you cant make a new one saying you are already in a gang
  3. EMP Hellcats

    Wont really increase rp, will increase the amount of people going to jail, and car chases would be extremely boring.
  4. Tiger hummingbird

    It was awesome why was it removed
  5. Any machine guns. [MK200 or w.e]

    I'll buy em all
  6. Casually escorting a jet through Agios, no biggie

  7. Border Security Cameras

    Or a gate that could be boltcutted maybe, would have to take some time though.
  8. Border Security Cameras

    Was wondering if we could get security cameras along the border wall, I think it would be a cool addition and we could watch those that try and skip the border by jumping over the barriers. Would also be fancy if there were some at the gates. A few cams I made in SP to show what I mean:
  9. perk for not using toolkit not working

    I've had this issue too a few times
  10. Today marks the 60th day....

  11. Giveaway !

  12. forgivenees giveaway

    Yellow fidgetspinners turn me on
  13. HAVOC Bank : 

    1. Victor


      When the bank turned into a disco, Such a good laugh, nice to see many people roleplay together without fighting.

  14. Player Names

    I like names tbh id looks too hardcore