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  1. Reason server is dying is because there are no rebel gangs. No rebels = boring for cops = no cops.
  2. Is there a dislike button?
  3. @Kyle™ This is the latest release I think http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32317
  4. Yes please add JSRS support
  5. Nah, just dont confess to killing HAVOC while talking to havoc lol.
  6. What code did you put in the init? You need to put this: this setObjectTextureGlobal[0, "ifrit1.jpg"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal[1, "ifrit2.jpg"];
  7. Btw @Cameron Mitchell, to texture the wheels and the back you need to texture this file: MRAP_02_ext_02_CO. And then to get the skin on the vehicle just put this in the init: this setObjectTextureGlobal[1, "name.jpg"];
  8. See you in 2 weeks mate
  9. In-Game Name: Sig Steam ID: 76561198143158147 Age: 16 Bank Balance: 11,7mill Licenses (all of them from the stats page): Drivers License Boat License Pilot License HGV License Firearm License Homeowners License Diamond Processing Salt Processing Tobacco Meth ProcessingMarijuana Processing Advanced Rebel Rebel Why you'd like to join us: Want people to play with, Vanquish seems like an alright gang. I like playing as rebel, and been playing a lot of HAVOC lately and want to play a bit more as a rebel aswell as HAVOC. I've met a few of the guys that are in Vanquish while being on as HAVOC and they seem like alright guys.
  10. This video will show you how to correctly fly an MH9 Hummingbird.
  11. No I like big numbers
  12. +1, a MB 4wd could also be cool, but mainly an offroad as we need a patrol vehicle that is not apex.
  13. Here are some successful landings
  14. how the hell did that last one not blow up