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  1. No, it's in their shops.
  2. Sig

    Get rid of Havoc

    I am HAVOC, I've been HAVOC for over a year. Get it gone tbh
  3. Sig

    Targaryen Fragtage ;)

    Targaryen tage... First clip is havoc... hmm...
  4. Sig

    Pictures of Dexter

    way better than dexter
  5. a4e927d6ad0c4d76801a2150a8363392.png

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    2. Sig


      Titan > Rusty

    3. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Litterly any gang > titan

    4. Potter


      but @Moh Lester I think sig got it from the hard knock life vid from titan > RE

  6. Sig

    Add in-game player recommendations

    @Moh Lester @Lucanova lmao shouldnt have duped could have just recommended eachother lmao
  7. Sig

    back for 2 days, already banned. nice one

  8. Sig

    Seeya Phoenix

    fuck thats gross
  9. Sig

    Get rid of Havoc

    read his post
  10. Sig

    Get rid of Havoc

    ct living in 2012 smh
  11. Press f to pay respects bois

  12. Sig

    Havoc CP

    Bring back this cp https://plays.tv/video/596681472c217510e1/1?from=user
  13. Time Submitted: 09:21:34 PM | 10/13/18 Submitted By: Sig (794) Your In-Game Name: DGN | ok then Who are you reporting?: [HAVOC] Nikos Time/Date of event: 13/10/2018 : About 10pm Rule's Broken: No value of life Explain what happened: Was behind him, initiated and he 180'd and killed me. Sent two disputes in game and did not get any response. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxNPEC1uT40&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: