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    Happy birthday kiddo!
  2. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    Wonder where that guy got his name from...
  3. Rust server

    Minecraft is best craft
  4. Tazing being initiation

    Then learn to value your life? Dont initiate on someone you think will kill you, the fuck lad
  5. Rust server

    While we're at it might as well add a Minecraft server.
  6. Rust server

    Who would even run that
  7. NLR

    Same situation
  8. NLR

    Well imo it should be a rulebreak if any of either side go to dealer.
  9. NLR

    what Im not talking about the timer, its the same situation therefore they can not come to dealer. And no, its not "fair", all it is is giving cops another chance at getting a few kills because they cant win a cop sided bank
  10. NLR

    What stops you from breaking NLR in a normal firefight using that excuse
  11. Are you rich?

  12. Food and Water

  13. NLR

    Right, so, basically, right, yeah, pretty much, okay, so I'm a bit confused about NLR and cops. I've always thought that if someone is doing a uranium run, and whilst trying to rob them at processor you die, if you then went to seller to rob them, that would be breaking NLR right? So how come at every bank, all the cops that died will be there when they set up at dealer. Another thing is when we killed CTSFO at Northern, we flew around in their orca for a bit, and they then went on to keychain the heli into HAVOC lands, land, unlock it, get in and fly of. Could someone clarify this, seems stupid to me and they both seems like breaking NLR.
  14. Woodzy Phoenix frags #2

    Go to editor, place a unit with blufor combat fatigues on, double click the unit and in the init field put: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\a3\characters_f\BLUFOR\Data\clothing_wdl_co.paa"]; Then press play
  15. Woodzy Phoenix frags #2

    It's a hidden skin, so you need to set the skin on the uniform using setobjecttexture

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