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  1. So when we do a medical checkpoint, Those bunkers are a bit bugged, so the owner can place them and walk in to them but no one else can enter it but they "can" open the door. Atleast it shows for the owner that the door opens. but no one can enter exept the one placed it. Makes it a bit difficult to roleplay in private with a patient Video of this https://youtu.be/ddb-HxMKPuw
  2. So i had a Training with a student at 2019-06-03 around 18:00-19:00 and before the trainig was done i had revived 3 people with no problem, But as i showed the Student the way, i checked my inventory and my medic and first aid was there, same for the student. But when we responded to a location, when we arrived no one of us had the medkit or first aid... For me my inventory was replased to 2 cans of fuel 80 Lolipops some food and water.. And both of us understood noting. No video or pictures of this am afraid...
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