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  1. @Alex Gammon See what I mean't when I said the server will starting popping as soon as it hits 50+ :) 

    1. Gill


      been a fun night, 50-60 is a great number for altis life.

    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      Hopefully it continues and increases :) 

  2. The rivalry between Lizzard and Jenson is completely unmatched.
  3. I'm afraid it won't be coming out
  4. Turn Phoenix into a Total War Campaign Game? I like the idea
  5. I've changed my mind. No point debating with someone who deliberately mischaracterises the Milsim Unit I'm in (did you even read the disclaimer) to try and guilt trip me. Fuck off cunt.
  6. I'm offering you a chance to challenge me on such beliefs. Anyways that A&D thing is only peripheral to this entire discussion. You're correct in saying that Blazer roaches, he has no honour in his playstyle. That said, he wasn't talking shit on the side chat, I made sure he didn't as it was in my best interests, but he resorted to it only when you started talking shit. Got to give you props though, you did a good job in your impersonation. As I've already said, you can talk to me about this outside the forums.
  7. I managed to persuade them to rethink what they were going to do, evidently they still pressed ahead but instead of just removing me they removed the entire faction. The thing is the faction was going to be removed either way, my political beliefs were just an excuse to do it sooner rather than later. I also said "I like your flag" like a week after HAVOC's disbandment. The guy is also Rhodesian, hence why he has the flag. +1 When I became General I never once talked about politics amongst my members. I in fact hadn't done so in a while because of the ban on political discussion. Prior to the ban the only political stuff I talked about was the recent General Election as well as my disdain for communism (partially why I like Rhodesia). It wasn't exactly 'controversial' stuff and I stopped talking about it well before I got General. This applies to @Labrador as well, if you actually want to find out what I believe in and stop throwing rubbish accusations at me then you're more than welcome to message me on discord and we can discuss it there. Of course I would expect you to argue / debate in good faith and not resort to petty insults etc. My problem was that it was supposed to be a HSF and HSS only A&D, therefore I didn't people from the outside the faction to take part. Not only that but you impersonated one of HSF's members and started talking shit to Blazer in side-chat throughout the event. You surely knew of the beef between him and HSF members and you made it worse by being toxic. I initially opposed your unblacklist because given what you did in that A&D as well as your attitude whenever you came to CP I did not want you to have a chance in rejoining the faction. It wasn't going to win me any favours with High Command. Time has proven me right in that regard. You also conveniently forgot when I decided to support your unblacklist so the issue could be put at rest and I believed that you wouldn't last long before you'd get re-blacklisted if you came back. Only when I became General did I revert back to my original position because I had complete control over such a decision. Not like I was going to magically get HAVOC back was I? Also, you're clearly misinformed about the country.
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