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  1. Goodbye Mr. Angryman :( Watch the number of people being reported and banned decrease which is both good and bad.
  2. Oh yes, gang beef! Can't wait to watch this unfold.
  3. Excuse me sir that's a lot of cars
  4. It's a silly suggestion that will never be implemented, may as well lock it @Kiran
  5. Got to say I much prefer TNT over NWO any day of the week.
  6. Camp advanced? Are you high? More like stay at HAVOC CP and be friendly towards HAVOC. That's what I know TNT for.
  7. Time Submitted: 09:55:07 PM | 10/20/19 Submitted By: F L E M I N G O (790) Your In-Game Name: [PAC] Boris Johnson Who are you reporting?: Wife beeta Keef Time/Date of event: 7:50pm Rule's Broken: 3.5 Explain what happened: Me and my friend went to initiate on a person inside the HAVOC CP and when we did a guy in an Ifrit behind who had no tags jumped out and killed us both. I couldn't dispute him since I was dead but a HAVOC officer (Cake) tried to report him but he never showed up. After server restart I never that saw the guy with the same guy so I couldn't dispute. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhffR3m-a8M&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: N/A
  8. Listen here salty, Alfies only has 1.4k hours on Arma 3 so it's not the thousands of hours you are talking about. At least get it right jeez. Also stop being a moaner and an internet tough guy lol, your not hard mate.
  9. +1 As a Senior HTA member I would also like to add that you'll likely have the opportunity to have your training done by me which is a great thing. That's mean, everyone loces Loly. Comedian Pretty sure it's the other way round mate I'm going to have to doubt that one chief. Also I did a really cool social experiment today when on as HSS where I asked random civilians on which faction they prefer. All of them said HAVOC You're a big bot you stinker Yikes
  10. Yeah I mean it was the only option we really had and by the looks of it, it definitively payed off. V2 fixed a lot of stuff and apart from the moaners, plenty of people myself included were appreciative of the work put into it. Yeah since when did thanking someone constitute as "kiss ass". It's almost been a week lol.
  11. Definitely*, and I'm just meming lmao S T I N K Y
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