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  1. i can speak right now but can @Clark and @Timothy Bowen now
  2. But right now its betwen the server posibly dying or have the dev and management being under presuer plus mangment could se how havoc manges whitout Them and then step in if it fucks Up
  3. just make a pol if we should bring back havoc as a temporary soultion because right now the community sems unhappy that phoenix is dead and want to fix it with their suggestions but management only says no and wont change their minds
  4. i think @Hammond adn @Dennis should be there to as they both where involved in the situation
  5. All right I'm so original I know but there are 3 people on at 22 o'clock BST. So in my eyes, this server is dead R.I.P phoenix. But anyways I have been in this community for more than 1 year. And I have been in HAVOC and APC. And can say I have lost motivation to be on as APC because of the low player count and don't feel an urge to be on so I can get that promotion but before I logged on as APC/HAVOC so I could get that promotion and gets some RP and Mabey a gunfight. But know its 80% patroling and 20% seeing people speaking, to them or arresting AKA boring as shit
  6. and i think taht the screnshoot shows that they killed us and then instantly left the server as there is nothing inbetwen the kills and them loging off
  7. because they loged off when they have killed me and hammond(like 50 sec after) so yeah it tehy initiated they still comabt loged and i coudent dispute them efore they logged off we even tried to drag Clark into the supprt room but he was afk
  8. Time Submitted: 08:40:53 PM | 06/15/20 Submitted By: Jesse James (7850) Your In-Game Name: Jesse James Who are you reporting?: Clark and timothy Bowen Time/Date of event: 2020-06-16 21:15-21:20 ish Rule's Broken: 1.6 Explain what happened: so I was going to a fule robbery see its a cop bait leave gets chased go to agios PD wait 5 min go back see the same guys as before but this time they try to ram me until their qulin gets destroyed tey get out to start shooting at me but I stop my car get out and wait on them they come to my care and at this point Hammond is whit me to I tell them we can talk about this if you holster your guns but timothy starts shooting around my feet so I think he is going to kill me so I shoot him and kill him then Clark. kills me and Hammond and then both of them disconetct before we can dispute them Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2131629756 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 23314
  9. Jesse James

    T. Malteser Signing off

    so not me?
  10. lol nah i ment about havoc and its "crappy" leadership
  11. @Cobra★@F L E M I N G O start arguing i want to see it
  12. shit i exsposed myself
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