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  1. Time Submitted: 09:57:51 PM | 07/16/17 Submitted By: John Cactus (785) In-Game Name: John Cactus Steam / Player ID: 76561198149733807 Administrator who issued ban: i believe tim Date of ban: 07/16/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was blacklisted from cops for no reason apparently i was cop baiting. What reason was given for your ban? none Why should you be unbanned? i was told by a friend i had been blacklisted from cops then wasn't talked to till later it and then they didn't show any reason to ban me i wasn't showed any evidence that i was even involved so i am to believe they have no evidence that i was there. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  2. +1 I thinks its good idea never understood why everything has to be millions
  3. +1 good rp and gud guy
  4. 1) I Think added furniture that can be placed and saved in a house, similar to other servers such as orion malden life, would be very cool i dont believe many servers have this so it would be a good unique point. 2) Im not sure you can do this but adding jobs that are not just go harvest and process maybe add jobs that require you to do something, such as lumber for this you need axe and have to go to a tree and have a cutting animation, and add delivery jobs.
  5. People where having fun on garage we joined in, if they where shooting we warned them if they did it again they would be seized and that its take the fun to far. It did look from the outside as if someone was hostage but two friends where just playing a game to push some people off the garage with his mate, no one was hurt no crimes where committed other than having a gun out and they where all cool and not being aggressive so we allowed it plus they where doing magic tricks with them.
  6. Had a big party on garage great memes where had
  7. sassy?

    1. John Cactus

      John Cactus

      No whatyoutalkingabout

  8. +1 ivy
  9. I have talked with some other officers about this and they all think its a good idea, negotiating with the havoc general if he will let their trainer come down to kavala or a training ground and train us once a week, this would greatly improve our ability to handle the gang wars that often break out. I also think we should have some high member in academy to perform a weekly role play training for 30-60 minutes to try improve the standard of role play on the cop force
  10. +1 I also think there should be way more green zones on ATMS, shops like gen store car shop etc, so it makes people feel safer and there shouldnt only be one green zone in the map
  11. Would like to make you aware your gang sign is a C in Korean (Lenny Face) https://www.branah.com/korean
  12. This should 100% be implemented +1
  13. If i become a rebel again thats the initiation ill use
  14. I would like to add these to his evidence
  15. i didn't say i did try to resolve it