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  1. John Cactus

    "3 Minutes"

    Please remove personal slander there is no need for this GRRRRHHHH im a SJW and i take offence to online comments
  2. John Cactus

    "3 Minutes"

    But as points have been raised before "shooting in the air to continue initiation is giving away your position" personally i think there should be no end to initiation until the combat ends or you have travelled a signifigant distance so say your fighiting someone in agios you can try kill them as long as you want at the end of the day you are in a gun fight, but if they drive away and leave you then would obviously have to reinitiate micro aggresion and your being ignorant to the downsides of shooting to continue a gun fight
  3. John Cactus

    "3 Minutes"

    I do not think that is personal slander, considering i said there isn't much you can do and i just disagree with it, maybe a micro aggresion but not a personal slander if i worded it saying profanity and directly insulting you then it would be personal slander but that is not personal slander And your point about RP ing in a Drug dealer no one does that, the most ive ever had was "are you cool? friendly?" "ye i am dude" "sound" awkward silence, then leave, camping a dealer is a standard thing on any server you go on
  4. John Cactus

    "3 Minutes"

    @Booonk Yes i understand your points, my point wasn't really about the 3 minute rule more about what the staff where saying but my bad
  5. John Cactus

    "3 Minutes"

    such a retarded thing to say
  6. John Cactus

    Buy Drugs

    I think you should add a option at the dealer to buy drugs so that you dont have to go farm the drugs just to use them, makes for some good memes.
  7. John Cactus


    Whats up with all the ddos attempts and fake accounts, is it nexus being salty? or is it another community
  8. John Cactus

    RP Bank

    How does that have anything to do with it
  9. John Cactus

    RP Bank

    ive gotta say, calling someone a virg in the internet does not hold any value and if you are offended by a small meme in a comment you shoudn't be allowed on the internet
  10. John Cactus

    RP Bank

    Im not trying to be a victim, i don't need money and i was looking for something to do, what im saying is doing a RP bank is really hard and it should maybe be made a bit easier and encourage more people to do it because its way easier to just frag them all and walk away than rp it, for example me and 5 other people fragged every single cop online no casualty's walked away with 150 gold just below 40 million this was with about 12 cops online. Edit: You would have to be incredibly sad to play the "victim" card in general especially on a arma 3 life server
  11. John Cactus

    RP Bank

    I was gonna upload it but PlaysTV didnt work. So me and 2 friends did a RP bank 2 of us went in as software security upgrade and repairs to vaults, the cops arrive we RP it good the guy roleplaying comes in the room shouting at me for tripping off the alarm and calling me a idiot, we hack the vault, so they wont let us in the vault so we produce a google doc for them (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YF79l5fdTDYFdKQFWY0Hc2VxUToU81IHzbBpyj4aw-Q/edit?usp=sharing) saying that we are authorized to do this, we obviosuly didnt get them to really sign it but one of them messaged foxhound asking if he could RP it he didn't reply so he was afk so they may not be able to reach him to confirm, so instead of letting us continue once we had shown them loads of proof and our manager (the 3rd guy) comes down shouting at us saying we are useless and how could you trip the alarm and hands the officer the google doc, they be massive virgins and don't let us in, when they finally decide to let us do the job they all block the door for us to leave we say we have to upgrade the vault so we have to empty it into storage they are like "NO NO NO NO NO NO" non of that will be happening they see we have gold on that we where storing and just arrest us. the only officer i remember the name of was the assistant com @Ryan Wilson, tbf at least he let me go quick and was just tp to jail because something came up. But i think its really stupid how we came all dressed appropetly in service vans with a company name and logo a colleague shouting at me for being stupid and tripping the alarm, the manager driving down in a annoyed move and handing the google doc over and then they try do anything they can to not allow us to do it.
  12. John Cactus

    Face reveal

    5 years ago you would of been 5 thats not old ecksdee
  13. John Cactus

    Your hobbies apart from being gaming nerds?

    boxing and kickboxing
  14. John Cactus

    Kicked out of Gang

    Not sure what fixed mine sorry, may of been that i joined another gang then joined back and stayed in.