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  1. Alex Gammon

    In a bit.

    Oof imagine
  2. Alex Gammon

    In a bit.

    Imagine leaving a server but lingering around the forms for content .
  3. To be fair there is only so much you can do with a non moded life server.
  4. £3000 a bag! Absolute Steal. Expect future orders to follow!
  5. “Police Brutality” Be killed by APC.
  6. Yesterday I tried to buy the Stealth Balaclava (Green) from Adv Rebel but when wearing it does not change your name to “Masked player” not sure if this is a bug or the balaclava does not hide name but the black one does.
  7. Something that might be fun to add for the NHS could be Medical Marijuana. This item would be the same as normal Marijuana when the player uses it. However it can only be obtained by a NHS staff after the player has been treated for there injuries and still complain about body pain. This item would be legal and have no value. It would also not be sellable making it something else for players to RP with. This would give more roleplay variety for not just medics but for all factions. Let me know what y’all think.
  8. Anything to spice up a Medics life +1
  9. Lol I love how you casually cut the Heli tp @2:11 like.
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