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  1. Time Submitted: 02:48:00 PM | 08/03/20 Submitted By: Alex Gammon Forum ID: 7837 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Plutonium Run What Is Your Suggestion: Maybe make Plutonium into a run however you will still be required to have a hazmat suit on and gas mask. If this was to be made a run I think the price would need to be brought down or make it so you can't sell the plutonium and would be used for crafting mags or selling on the Action house as currently, we have no way of obtaining Plutonium to make mags. I know you can buy the LRR mags from Black market however, this would offer an alternative.
  2. Alex Gammon

    Alex Gammon

  3. Time Submitted: 07:38:30 PM | 04/23/20 Submitted By: Alex Gammon (7837) In-Game Name: Alex Gammon Steam ID: 76561198113107539 Age / DoB: 20 / 10/22/99 Timezone: UK Character RP Story: Alex Gammon is originally from Scotland. He has moved to Altis for new business opportunities. He now owns three very successful sunbed shops and now looks to open a mobility scooter shop. Alex is a very friendly person and would love to help others out across the island and also expand his Business empire. Since Alex now has a staff of his own he has an extra time that he would love to spend working for the community and bringing peace to Altis. Alex has also been apart of the rebel military group known as HAVOC however due to a lot of reasons Alex now would like to protect the people of Altis by joining the good side of this territory war between APC and HAVOC. Helping people and fighting crime has always been something Alex takes seriously and would love to help in the best way possible. He is also always happy to help people that are new to the island. Why do you want to join APC?: I would like to join APC as I think it's a great faction that has everything sorted. I never see any problem occur from APC and every time coming arouse any APC member they always seem happy and friendly. This is something I would like to be apart of and feel that I can also contribute to the APC. I have always enjoyed being apart of a faction and I feel that my time in HAVOC has come to an end. I wish to help APC in any way I can and would love to help patrol Altis and make it a better place for all. I can follow orders very well and during my time I managed to get to the rank of Warrant Officer. This shows that I'm willing to follow orders to the best of my ability and also be a dedicated member of the force. Time Played on PhoenixRP: I have been on the island for a year Define 'roleplay' in your own words: Roleplay is treating a situation in a game as if it was real. Keeping in character at all times. Do you speak fluent English?: Yes Acceptance to uphold rights/laws etc: Yes
  4. Alex Gammon

    Black Fish (Infantry)

  5. Alex Gammon

    s!gma 7

    Just waiting on Jenson #2 ngl.
  6. Alex Gammon

    Altis Life Suggestions - RedGulL

    Time Submitted: 02:29:14 PM | 04/05/20 Submitted By: Alex Gammon Forum ID: 7837 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: RedGulL What Is Your Suggestion: Redgull to be replaced by IRN-BRU IRN-BRU > Redgull Essence of IRN-BRU Bru'd in Scotland since 1901 to a secret recipe of 32 flavours with a spirit that's bold as its taste. YOU CAN'T DESCRIBE IT. because there's nothing like it.
  7. Alex Gammon

    Alex Gammon

  8. +1 Whats the point in fighting for control of a base you won't get because someone has put a stupid amount of money on the bid. Gang wars should be about fighting for control not who spent the most time doing runs.
  9. Alex Gammon

    s!gma 5

    Fraggy with Benching, smh
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    Please Delete
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    Alex Gammon

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