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  1. Kevin Kevinson


    This has to be the best darn video i have seen come from PhoenixRP. but please for the love of god combat stance next time
  2. 750k was the amount i used to buy my gear But i dont believe that you did it by accident as the car sped straight towards me without slowing down
  3. Time Submitted: 09:48:21 PM | 05/15/20 Submitted By: Kevin Kevinson (7822) Your In-Game Name: APC Do be Wiffing Who are you reporting?: Slicey Mike | Lobster Mike Time/Date of event: 8pm restart Rule's Broken: 1.1 Explain what happened: I was driving around in a altis repair van around kav garage. I decided to hope out the van and walk towards the garage thinking i saw a body bag. But once i got around the corner i saw a wreck qulin and planned to repair it to boost my level. While i was repairing the qulin and turned and saw a offroad going straight for me. By now it was too late to move and i got instantly downed and thrown across the street. I attempted to resolve this with the player but they never showed up to TS and as you can see by who i am reporting he changed his name once restart was over. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ustQ40gLDn8 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: INS Mystic | 23003
  4. It funny that even though you have been told, you still ask for footage from curly. He has told you that he doesn't record that long plus you bank lasted well over 30 minutes. As what i heard from being muted but not deafened in the TS you time from when you killed the responding police to when transport was called was roughly about 30 minutes. During you time shooting the responding police Curly had be killed by a bug, He was given a UAV terminal by an officer that was still alive and told to watch over HM with the drone. So he sat at the atheria PD which is more that 1.5km away from the HM and watched over with a drone. In this time you had to breaking into the vault/buildings About 2-3 times from what i seen In Which curly informed every officer that you were still breaking in and it wasn't another gang/transport faze. More that 30 minutes go by and we get the call that transport had begun and that your gang members were driving to what looked like gold smith which later turned out to be a house. when then sat on a hil more than 1km out and watch your gang load a house with gold. after watching this for a few minutes we all rush the house. I get told to go inside once i was in the house i tried multiple time to access the house in which it told me " the door is already open" i shut the door and moments later you disconnect to the lobby and then fully leave which prevents us from touching your house and its inventory. You friend admitted this to use shown by what he told curly in TS. And yes those videos are not personal. But that doesn't mean if someone has Private messaged them to an admin dealing with the case, that he should then post them in the report. My opinion if you wanted to see the evidence i would suggest not leaving the Support case
  5. Well if thats the case... i shall speak my word I didn't die at the HM i was busy at the time filling in MPU docs but i was in the bank ops channel listening so that when i was done i could come of with the info i would need. While i was in the call i heard them talk about how curly had died to a bug. Normally the player would just come back but to make it fare curly stayed away and was told to watch over HM with a Darter and was handed a UAV terminal. A few minutes later i flew to atheria were I walked up to curly and saw he was using the Drone to watch and wait to call transport. after a few more minutes transport is called and we go to the house after being told that E gang we spotted putting the gold in a house. Which we later found out was owned by Raz (Bobby Bomb).
  6. How dare you attempt to sell one of the police hats. I will come for you. I will find you and i will kill you
  7. @Roy I know he doesnt get us killed by telling his friends stuff even though he doesnt have comms. But ive seem people get done for this kind of meta gaming before. He shouldnt be talking to his friends at all when he doesnt have comms.
  8. well in your video at 20 seconds in you say that you only have and SDAR and later on you look through your windscreen and i can see you have a Wet suit and a Re breather. If you can get some proof of what you hand i will comp the cost of the gear you prove you had but at this moment. An SDAR, wet suit and re breather dont add up to 430k
  9. Thank you You see i put all my time into making these so that people understand why it is a good idea to combat stance. i do it so other people dont have too
  10. cant really be arsed to chat shit so i will just explain a few facts I was asked to come to athia as a officer (MJ) was being shot at once i got there multiple armed people held their guns out in an attempt to make me and MJ leave the blue zone to arrest you. Yes there was a small RP interaction with MJ which i will admit too. but instead of continuing to be chilled with the police you told me "its a conundrum. I want you to shoot me or be shot" this would mean that if i shot you your gang would most likely shoot me back as well as the officers, but he other end is i dont shoot you and me and officers still get shot, just seemed a bit flawed in my opinion. In the end yes i did under what happened and dropped the case
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