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  1. My mistake, thought it showed it in that video. I'll look to see if I have a longer one and if I have screenshots also.
  2. Time Submitted: 06:25:20 PM | 02/27/20 Submitted By: Captain Price (7821) In-Game Name: Price Emanuel Steam / Player ID: 76561198280018502 Date of Event: 02/27/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/xC-JXJWfNu4 Details of Event: I was showing my piloting skills when i suddenly ran into a flock of birds and crashed into a deer stand. My friend Lemon Lyrene put me in a heli with the intention of reviving me, when the medic came online. As we took off from Athira Hospital, server crashed. North Koreans? mm Compensation Amount: 1x MBS branded wetsuit 1x advanced combat helmet 1x carryall bergen thing, 1x MRK2 Vest 1x AK12 7.62 with suppressor and other attachements 11 7.62 mags 20 peaches Valued around £700k PleaseDonateToMyBankAccount Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. We agree with what you're saying. As Finch pointed out, our perspective is unique to only us as we are not apart of any faction at all. With that said we couldn't really comment on procedure for dealing with RP etc, but we can say what we see. That being the vast majority of everyone RP's to a great standard, and the few letting the side down. We have also been in situations where we have went to the PCC and nothing has came of it as far as we are concerned. Maybe some sort of RP watchdog for police being set up would be a good idea. Somebody who is entirely independent. But as I said I'm not part of police, so I have next to no clue about procedures. As for activity. Generally police activity can be very good, but occasionally you would see the police go from 15 on, to 5, and then all of a sudden a police gang has massive amounts of players on. My point being, police activity is massively hinged on whether those players do or do not play as their rebel alternatives. If you changed the police to population ratio, even if it's just a tiny change, you could negate this impact. Alot of people think that this is a suggestion Kevin made out of spite for the police or X people. But it is genuinely something we were talking about earlier that would in our opinion benefit the community. It isn't a demand, it's just an idea and it's not even an idea which would benefit us personally. When have MBS ever been glad to see the police😷. But as solely rebels, we enjoy fighting or talking to police.
  4. At the end of the day its a suggestion. Just my opinion is if you changed a micro amount, it would be fairer. It isnt actually in our interest to suggest this, its just a perspective i have. No no i mean towards the higher end of the spectrum. 120>16 for example.
  5. I think the points being missed. Police should not be banned from playing rebel. It just wouldn't work on this server. But this could be made stricter at the very least by 5-8.
  6. Asides from the RP aspect, just remember the main point surrounds the ratio between police to server population, 120->10, it is a bit low.
  7. Its extremely ignorant to not look at how others do it, and try implement things which benefit you're own playerbase. Its alright to disagree with their point but you're throwing the dummy out the pram in the suggestions area of the forums.
  8. I don't really understand why the reaction is so hostile when its just a suggestion but okay.
  9. @Matt Obama You wanted to know who it was. We were, very slick
  10. to be fair atm there is no counter to a hungry npas pilot. might make it more fun for npas/havoc to. +12
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