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  1. So i guess this means im back :) 

  2. I've missed this place :) 

    1. Tim


      Wheres my gift at lol  ;)

    2. Kevin


      You're always welcome back, you know that :P 

    3. Matt


      This place is a dump!

  3. Want to thank everyone for a good time but I will no longer be a developer here due to some differences. Good luck this is a good community and I wish everyone the best.

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    2. Kyle™


      Haha thanks boys theres a new dev here also he's going to do fine.  I won't be joining any other community's. I code Arma for fun that's about it.

    3. Jelle


      Sad to see you go! I wish you all the best!

    4. Quinn


      Fuckin' shit! Thanks for everything you've done Kyle, been a huge help and you might be missed.

  4. Hi guys this morning I edited the servers EXE to remove the 50fps hard cap on the server. With under 50 60 players now you should notice a massive increase in client FPS and server response time. Let me know if you notice any increases or issues.

  5. Kyle™

    A Few Suggestions

    It's all good everyone. No offense was taken as I said I've been programming for 10+ years and most of my work if infrastructure not front facing UI. I can code pretty much any language. But my everyday is normally C or C++ but I've been doing SQF for many years and I've had the RV engine apart many times to find arma little niggles. Plus some of my best friends work with arma a lot Torndeco and Maca134 so if I get something that's not quiet right there my first point of call. I would love to spend more time on the server but I do have a busy dev schedule at the moment but I do plan to spend some time on the framework at some point. But to be honest what we have is pretty clean anyway. Let's hope things get added but it's hard for the guys because upto now I've had little time and I was 1 of the only people that could make massive changes. Conner has come along way and I see we have new devs so fingers crossed.
  6. Kyle™

    A Few Suggestions

    Sorry I do not spend enough time playing on the server to see how these things can be affected. I have a very busy day to day job so I kinda just help out where I can plus over the last few weeks ive been in and out of hospital. Anything can be done to make things better i have no problem doing these. I am not part of management and have no say in how the server is ran day to day if i did things would be different. With RP servers there always a balancing act that needs to be done nothing is ever as straight forward. I see we have another new Dev so maybe he has the skills to pull some nice stuff off and i am always there to help but SQF is poison i am primary a low level coder its just Arma is easy as pie but can also trip you up if you have no experience. I found most of my knowledge from Arma from decompiling the engine itself so i can see how my code runs in real-time.
  7. Kyle™

    Things dying out and becoming boring

    Wait why was i tagged here ?
  8. Kyle™

    ATM in Sofia

    Press the windows key
  9. Kyle™

    Virtual Storage - House

    Thanks for the feedback. Will look into some way of making it easy.
  10. Hey everyone hope everyone is good. Over the next few days i will be patching and fixing some of the small issues people have and also working to improve the server and Anticheat Measures. For those people who read this executing strings in direct chat will only be given this warning. 

    1. Quinn


      Noice. Smort. Loyal. Appreciated.

  11. Kyle™

    Pulling Blufor Out Of Cars

    Investigating. Thanks for the report.
  12. Kyle™

    100% healing only works for under 75%

    Investigating. Thanks for the report.
  13. looks alright to me. you can leave it as a JPG its fine.