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  1. Lobal Leeroy


    Your pfp ruins my vibe.
  2. Yo how many kills did you get in that pfp dude at what rank
  3. I think he means that for every 7 Rebels there should be one police or something like that @Niko.
  4. Why did you call me Blitz though dam
  5. I agree with your point and i can see how blaming all cops can seem hostile and toxic. We didnt do this as any sort of targeting.
  6. Mmm K then. I dont need evidence on a suggestion this isnt a report or a support case. Big fella
  7. Tbf we weren't targeting Ares actually as they play a fair amount of COP. But our point still remains you can freely go on as rebel then the cop life dies. we need some rules in place so cops dont just die off most the times when there is high activity. I respect this.
  8. Ive been to the PCC ive been to support about low standards of RP with cops and rebels you could complain all you want nothing comes from it. Hense why we made a suggestion
  9. How do you expect changes to happen if people cant take ideas and interpret them into something a little different, The whole aspect of the world we live is people redesigning an working on other peoples ideas to help makes place better. You cant expect change if you have nothing to base the change off.
  10. Am i though? You literally have nothing better to do then be toxic over a forum post, In fact make it even worse a suggestion.
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