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  1. Think he said about 5 hours Also this is fucking shit, just singles
  2. @Price @Kevin Kevinson @Liam Johnson @A.J. Squared Away @Mason Munchii citron c3 You smell so
  3. Covid is a conspiracy theory
  4. +1 I think capping it at 10 from either side attending would be the better choice, also you have to keep in mind rebels have to get gear to have a fair fight so i dont think factions should be allowed near advanced. I think that factions should have to constantly move around as well an not be able to sit at a gang base for more than 5 minutes to re-group if needed.
  5. Hey man. Sorry the cops couldn't help you with this transport after all I wouldn't want them 7 other civs trying to Rob you XoXo
  6. Curly

    Wong Out

    Hey man calm down please, No need to be toxic he didnt really do anything to provoke it! Enjoy your time ty!
  7. Personally, this party aren't looking out for the people with special needs unlike Ken, he donated to my family to help them fund my needs he's a real hero i vote Ken. He got us a new wet room fitted as well for us
  8. @Curly Curtis, @Mason Munchiisaid curly #1 is going to be dog shit


    1. Curly


      What the actual fuck @Mason Munchii

    2. Liam Johnson

      Liam Johnson

      @Mike Sano Not wrong. Still waiting for @A.J. Squared Away's death montage which will probably be much better.

    3. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      Coleman’s frag montage will out class mike sano 9 


  10. Loly just you wait for Curly Curtis #1 now thats a banger
  11. Even though in the police handbook, it says cops must attempt to negotiate at all costs an try to come to a successful conclusion. But yes negotiations are off guys!
  12. Well done guys! Super proud
  13. Its got potential
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