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    Trying to take Mike Sano for lunch.

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  1. Curly Curtis

    Mass garage sale

    He cant afford the 20mill
  2. Curly Curtis

    Mass garage sale

    Excuse me @Price I ain't paying any money towards your this outrageous bid for a GPS! I be talking to your mother @Price about this stupid spending! Ps I'm already in debt to Kevinson loan shark company
  3. Curly Curtis

    Well done Paddy, you still arent a top RPer but youre making the correct steps!

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Can I join MBS now??? 

    2. Curly Curtis

      Curly Curtis

      Just maybe! Well look into it for you!

  4. I see more than who in these though
  5. You still going on? Softy
  6. Is that me taking the piss out of a dead man or asking who really cares?
  7. I'm not making fun of the dead guy, I'm stating that hes dead. But hey whatever dude!
  8. Curly Curtis


    This is nearly as good as your phantom forces montage!
  9. hes still dead doe now that's stating facts
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