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  1. Your nan lost her pan. Pipe down
  2. Your dad. Ive missed you son
  3. you have a frag montage to Juice wrld in the background please exit on the left
  4. Go back to star wars RP please
  5. I'll hit you if you get me
  6. I personally prefer milky ways. But ya Yeeeeet
  7. Sorry i really missed you today though
  8. I do apologise for my actions it wasnt done with the intent to combat log, an I didnt mean for it to lead to this, I logged off thinking it will be fine as I had nothing and was a "hobo", Also I wasnt fully aware of the combat logging rule which I have now familiarised myself with, I thought if killed you were allowed to log off as you have already lost your gear. At the time I was Injured and I would have used role play to bleed out in some way anyway I wasnt trying to save gear as I had none and I wanst doing it to avoid punishment. I am sorry for my actions and sorry that I wasnt there to deal with it in support I fully understand why the report was wrote and once again I apologise for what I have done I did it with no intention of breaking rules.
  9. I mean id say i smell like cheese Doritos , Monster and BO
  10. Can you be my shoulder to cry on please?
  11. Please could you not personally attack me like that again
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