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  1. Toxicbacon

    Im Back!

    Hello everybody im back for some more rp I was gone for a year and I hope to get some quality roleplay again!
  2. Toxicbacon

    Goodbye PheonixRP

    Cya Big D
  3. Toxicbacon

    Player Report - [AFF] Lt. Gen. Danny Green - 08/31/17

    Sorry i know I shoudn't comment here but if the person knew its a taser he was valuing hes life he knew he would not die becuse it's a taser?
  4. Toxicbacon


    +1 sounds good
  5. Toxicbacon


    M8 you can buy one at black market for 250k
  6. Toxicbacon

    Phoenix #2

    The good thing about it is that we have a new shit post king
  7. Toxicbacon

    Medic suggestions

    Who dies under water?
  8. Toxicbacon

    Police rubber bullets

    I don't understand the logic behind rubber bullets. If you shoot someone with a mk20 they lose hp but if you shoot someone with rubber bullets they fell over and can't get up for 10 seconds where's the logic???
  9. Toxicbacon

    Phoenix #2

    No, but last last time he got triggerd he got dimo banned from the forums for 1 week
  10. Toxicbacon

    Phoenix #2

    Why are you getting truggerd about everything?
  11. Toxicbacon


    If I was from England I would probably talk english much better but that's not the case. And im not throwning accusations at your gang and you said that you would lile to interact with other factions but if everything would go as you would like to you woudn't even speak to other factions.
  12. Toxicbacon


    So you wan't to create a commbat server?
  13. Toxicbacon

    Black ARCO Scopes (cop only item)

    You can still buy them im preatty sure
  14. Toxicbacon

    Forums Suggestions