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  1. Time Submitted: 11:20:22 AM | 12/07/19 Submitted By: John Wolf Forum ID: 7776 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Able to buy more perks What Is Your Suggestion: Hello. As of now, it seems we can only have 3 active perks at the same time. Would it be possible to have able to buy a slot, for another perk ?
  2. Hello. I do understand your side of this, and when i did hear that i was a friendly, i still atleast.. hoped that you would not see me as a threat. I did go out of the game for some advices and i did return to the server, for checking if you were still there. Than i would had sent you a message. I did ask on sidechat, if we should go on TS, but seems either you or one of your members did said no so might be me that did misunderstood the deal there. I feel i lost my load of fish due to this, and i was gonna call for the medics (as seen on video) and since i did stood towards the container.. you could had given me more than just 5seconds.. or even knocked me down and told me to stay down.. That is a fast and without lethal action way to disarm a unsecured target. I did try to get my hands up on the last, but it wouldent do so. That is the reason why i kept going towards the container with face that way. But ok, if you can give me 1mill ill see this as done and in the past. Learning new things everyday.
  3. Yes we did have the paycheck by rank type. But like, why is there so few medics on the server.. when its gang-wars going on, the medics could earn some cash from it... no doubt. I was thinking of this type, :
  4. If i may comment here.. Ive been a medic on other communities and from there i did learn how to Roleplay, when the facts are there. By that i mean, on one community, we used the medic-tablet. Meaning like a ipad of stuff we needed to find the victim, where he is and if anyone been responding and also, who medic is on the way.. When we did than is using the actionkey F4 to open the tablet for checking, what has happend.. is it their pulse,any injured, where so on the body, is it high risk for dying etc. all that info will place a guaranty for best possible roleplay since its alike if you are standing infront of a real victim. Beside that, you did have all the info of what you would need to revive/help the victim. I dont know how the paycheck for medics is now, but we did have between 20-25k each revive (along with the 15-20k paycheck each 10min). Would it be better for the medics to get less paycheck each 10min, but still getting more out of helping people ? Even getting it upto like 30k each revive might help the medics to grow in numbers and staying on the server as a active medic.
  5. Seems only in diving-shop you can get the rebreather.. Should be able to get the same in rebel.
  6. Time Submitted: 11:39:52 PM | 12/06/19 Submitted By: John Wolf Forum ID: 7776 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Fishing - Lobsters What Is Your Suggestion: Can we have a new fishtype, by using cages (drop the cage from a boat, wait like 10-15min and than pick it up again to see if its full). Could be a new good payout run for those who wish to do legal and less risk-run. Cages could handle like 100 virtual space. Thoughts ?
  7. Time Submitted: 11:00:10 PM | 12/06/19 Submitted By: John Wolf (7776) Your In-Game Name: John Wolf Who are you reporting?: Blade Forged Time/Date of event: 23.00 Rule's Broken: RDM/low standard Explain what happened: I was going for public processor for fish in kavala where it was a active shootout. I did NOT have a gun and i was at first unsure if i even should go there for risking my life. All though, i did sow 2 members of BSB downed and i hoped it was over. Than 2 other guys, Blade Forged (BSB) also came over trying to secure the site. I was openly showing i was NOT armed at all and only wished to have a talk instead of any act of harming anyone. Blade Forged told me to get my hands up for my own security, witch i did. When i heard that i was friendly.. i thought i could relax. Short time, i got the hands up or die and when he was saying "you got 5seconds to get your hands up or die". I was not any way a threat to Blade Forged, i dident even have a gun on me. Yet, i did try to get my hands up but i do feel it was not all reason for getting killed over just not getting my hands up within few seconds. I did try to get him on TS and he refused. I do not wish him banned over this, but i do feel its reason for a comp of 1mill for lost gear + boat full of fish ready for processing and selling. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V34QGpN_0Y4&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: CAT
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    2. Stephen


      Jesus mate, thanks for supporting the community! Don't forget that we are always looking for more suggestions on what more we could add for donators so if you think of anything else then please make a suggestion.

    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      Allready done on suggestions 😉 all though.. i do have a question of that...  Will be sending pm on disc about that.

    4. Stephen


      If you are able to send it over to Zinner instead please as I won't be avaliabe for a few days :)

  9. well, it might be alike the tempst-device on water,using the cages.. but also having the timeperiod of like 10-15 each cage.. that each one costs like 50k.. would be better. Since you need to buy it for making it "faster" and getting more fishes when you get like 10-15 cages. Only question is that, should it be allowed to be stored in boats for next trip after restart ? It would work like a fishing-boat with cages ready.
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