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  1. how nice of you too say those things.. got enough food/sleep ? 😉
  2. Hello. Ive read about this, and since i havent been active since like december (rebel/civ) this suggestion could be something for the havoc to decide. I know it has been players from other communites that left their community due of such faction as havoc. But one thing that could be better for a roleplay, is like a whitelisted faction, for like anti-drug/terror team, more hard-core police that can go into those times where it is needed and even having roadblocks where the drugs is being transported. Risk Vs money is allways a struggle and maybe it should be more hard to due things like drugruns ? Remember, this should be more roleplay, not spray'n pray.
  3. Hello. I havent been that much active for the past 1-2months and allready started playing other games where i do have more fun rather than being paranoid of getting robbed when even seeing other players around. And for that i also left the gang i was having fun playing with. So im gonna pop-in when i feel for it and guess its again as a lone-wolf as allways :) While im gone, good luck with the server and community. :) - Wolf Out
  4. +1 could this please get fixed? And look at upgrading for houses allowing more storage. As gangbases would need more storage than have today.
  5. Zinner


    1. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      Well, true enogh, but.. should i let you guys than take it from your pockets? PBJ is helping the server in several ways. When i can, i donate. 😉

    2. Zinner


  6. Kevin

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    2. Rxzkyy


      wasn't donation goal at like 700 pound? half price thingy needs to be at least on for like 2 months hahah wtf

    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      @Trax it was over 1k last goal.. 😉 and the goal for the server is "only" 250.. 

    4. Rxzkyy


      oh shit.. well anyway it should be for ages then i mean that can legit cover the server cost for another 3 months and it's only half price for a week or two (don't know how it works on phoenix)

  7. ops... again.. activate 50% :D 

    1. Jamie.



    2. Jamie Harrison
  8. True, i do know of players on other servers, that has been banned for rdm due to placing items such as road barriers, that if you are close to a player, you will kill/down the player even by accident. So it is a risk placing those. But it can be fun for making check points with the police or even events with admins. Think like this, if we were gonna have an event in kavala, meeting at kavala marked or the beach.. The HATO could setup a blockage of roads near it, fallowed by fences people can walk/run to the event or even a pickup of a heli when doing skyjumping events.
  9. 1: Yes you do get money from it. Both for repairing/refueling, paychecks, and also for inpounding cars. Aswell, xp for driving around. 2: It is both on Grandtheft arma + Reborn/Roleplay.uk. As the same goes for medic, HATO is a faction with roleplay in mind and not able to be rebel while logged in. As a hato, you can make people that is down stable enough to get them to the nearest hospital. Only, this is a ground-only service. Hato is not allowed to be armed. They are strictly a peace faction. If theres any active area, they need to leave that area for own life. 3: This is more into altis services, only maybe more advanced with placeable items such as mentioned. And no its not only buy the license. It would need a proper application.
  10. I was both medic and HATO, in another community, and heres a video how we could work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uApzbiy4QQM You also see the map, when it shows a abandon cars Training video 1: Training video 2:
  11. Hello. I dont know if its allready in the server, and if it is.. its not been active for a long time.. Has it been a own whitelisted faction, called the HATO (Highway Altis Traffic) They are in other communites for securing the highway all over altis. Helping out broken cars, some places has even towing other cars or even airlifting cars by heli. As well as emty of fuel, or just a broken axle on the truck/car. They do have a massive toolbox. Including : Bar gate, for blocking/making checkpoints/road closures. Concrete Barrier (several sizes) - making paths/to a checkpoint or slowing traffic. crash barrier plastic barriers, plastic net fence portable lights (for lightning events/signs/road closures) Road barrier Road Cone (with and without lights) Road signs After highranking, Cargo house (storage facility/portable toilet) They do also have the abilty for lockpicking, using either lockpicks or "snapgun", Wheel clamp, (a ticket for parking illegal) This can be a faction where the roleplay comes for driving around and even fixing trees over the roads, inpounding abandoned cars after a callout/messenging owner of the car/truck, etc After what i remember, they did have their own "dispatch" with gps, messages. Any thoughts ?
  12. John Wolf

    Altis Life Suggestions - Huron Crate

    few mill ?
  13. Hello. I have been asking around of getting more ships/boats/civ cars that we could use on the server for a more RP rather than going the armored things. So i checked around and it seems that it is a script for doing just that. Link : https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/164859-tutoria-importing-arma2-vehicles-to-arma3/ The question would be, how stable is it ? Has anyone tried this before and what is your experience of it ?
  14. Atleast some more boats/ships that we can use ourselfs should be added.. but.. is it even anymore of them in arma ?
  15. Happy new years to all players of Phoenix :)

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