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  1. Song sounds like it comes from a Disney musical. ❤️
  2. i'll record it next time for you, dw❤️
  3. See you at crucast takeover my guy, much love ❤️
  4. Wasn't told to like and comment and did it out of free will
  5. @Ryan Wilson is the true PM and you can't do anything about that
  6. idk but by that response, I think he's already been through that with you.
  7. Gonna miss you, dad, keep in touch babes ❤️
  8. Women get slimy, not wet. Change my mind

    1. .Lee


      alright big chief

  9. What are you even trying to say by this lmao

    Ironically playing a weeb game with a bunch of Americans :D

  11. You really did show god your knob in this one. ❤️ x
  12. happy birthday screamy man

  13. Happy Birthday Babe 

  14. Happy Birthday.

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