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  1. love ya pal, all the best for the future up the ARA
  2. @AIDEN ✅ @Johnny Price coming back lads, gotta love it xD (cant go outside because thee lads are lazy cunts so I might as well ) UP THE RAA
  3. boys kind of changed my mind, I'm coming back.
  4. @Johnny Price na mate couldn't do it, let us know if your ever down for villa away tho 😉
  5. gonna miss you pal @AIDEN ✅ he was always nice to me boys xD you too mate
  6. First of all, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for making my time on phoenix rp enjoyable, I love this server to bits but I sadly just don't find enough time to play as much as I used to. I'll still be here from time to time, may even make a comeback in the future when I get my life sorted tbh xD As always, id like to thank everyone at the medics for having me in it (even though I was inactive as fuck), and for @Tyler.B @Draxter, you boys are class and I hope you both keep the NHS going for as long as possible. @AIDEN ✅ fuckin love you man, always getting me out of trouble and your honestly the best police officer and proper lad @Johnny Price you're an absolute geezer, one of the best people I've ever met on here and ill never forget ya you little smeghead Xx up the RAA @Tim Melborn my left hand man before you got banned, some of the best times in the ARA getting fragged by everyone xD @Zac honestly one of my best mates in real life and on phoenix, shared so many memories with you on here and hopefully lots more to come pal. UP THE VILLA! @Mr meddows cunt xD @Arsalan shared some great memories with you pal, in both our gang and bullying you in HAVOC @Captain Price A lot of love for you and the rest of the MBS boys, proper class playing with you lot back in the day @Roy honestly one of my favourite admins, keep up the good work mate @Tiger fuckin hated titan, but shared some of the best memories on here fighting youse lot @ any of you divinity boys, was class fighting you lot. and a big thank you to anyone else who I've ever hung out with, you lot were the ones that made me enjoy this server. Through the ups and downs it would always lead me to this server, and im gonna miss it a lot. love youse all MadMeddows97 Up the ARA
  7. My fuckin G up the RAA, Your always gonna be my smeghead Xxx
  8. you just showed the whole server your house locations xD
  9. you can't claim to be English if you don't like this song ps. Oasis are gods on earth
  10. @jesse james In game application ACCEPTED as a member of the ARA @EOL In game application ACCEPTED On a Trial basis
  11. @Johnny Price fooken Steven Gerard mate
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