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  1. Proffessor

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    @Max you better log on soon so I can arrest you for having that mk200
  2. Proffessor


    Sad to see you go proxy, I hope you keep your promise so i will see you from time to time.
  3. Report was resolved inside of a second support case can an admin close the report please
  4. Thats quite far away aswell as not really close to the heli
  5. Time Submitted: 08:53:12 PM | 04/23/20 Submitted By: Proffessor (7729) Your In-Game Name: Mike Johnson [KV7729] Who are you reporting?: Merci-Ajazuri Time/Date of event: 23-4-2020 Rule's Broken: RDM, Invalide initiation Explain what happened: We where chasing a strider that was in Pyrgros bay's water and was being shot at by a different Heli we decided to OSB [Open Sea Broadcast] it after the OSB was sent the heli that was origanly shooting at the glass of the strider came back tried to warning shot us from their bench and after a couple of seconds they decided to ripp us out of our hummingbirds benches. when we where in support he didn't turn up to resolve the situation after being disputed. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Will send it towards the staff member dealing with the sit Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: [WO] Adam Braz [HSF] case id=22299
  6. +1 but maybe make it so it rotates on a longer base so lets say 1 week
  7. Proffessor

    Altis Life Suggestions - Remove Sniper Scopes

    -1 scopes are jus a part of combat whether you like it or not
  8. Proffessor

    DMT Vote

    I would say remove the dmt's at the caps, athira, millitary hill and havoc cp
  9. I would say make it so rebels can steal them from factions and can in this way get there hands on a strider or a hunter whilst still needing to pay 2 mill for getting it in to their garage by going to the chop shop and paying the money there
  10. Havoc is a rebel military faction but if you look towards reall life would you see cops stick behind on the drug cartels or what they need to fight no they start in a short time periode with innovating and becoming more militaristic just look towards the USA theire police constabulary’s start utilizing military hardware against the cartels and arm themselves to suit the task at hand better than the cartels ofcourse their needs to be a balance between havoc, civs and apc but that’s currently not how it is as the economie for rebels is so OP alot of people run around with 50 mil or more and basically don’t really care dying anymore sometimes they even own a Tank or apc from the community auction and than you have havoc running around with apc’s in their arsenal in my opinion havoc and APC should have apc’s or neither of the 2 should have them
  11. No please no I am seeing rebels giving them to hobos and telling them to blow them self’s up in CP/Kavala so -1
  12. You can just look for their ID you don’t have to do that but -1 I just don’t like it it will make it less personal in my opinion you will just become a number if it where to be implemented
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