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  1. How old are you? 17 Steam ID? 76561198212825084 What is your current amount of bans? 0 Current hours on arma? 1353 Any point of references within the gang? nope Why do you want to join the gang? Because i want to get into a gang since I am starting to be lonely when none of my friends play phoenix anymore. Have some fun but i will still take the gang seriously, rob and fight people and most importantly the key part roleplay with you guys.
  2. These are some really good ideas and i hope these get added to the server for more fun and since the upper map is empty it will be fun for the server to add this and fill in the map more.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------Background Story:---------------------------------------------------------- We are the Crumpets Family we founded on the island called Altis in early 2019, our mission on this island is to find out the people who don't like crumpets and get them to eat them because our goal is to try to export Crumpets on the island Via boats, planes, and helicopters. Our next goal is to make the Gods of the island to let us have some Crumpets in store to buy and eat but for now, we do it the illegal way and export them but soon after the Police found out about this so they stopped all transport from getting to the island by a Military Airforce and Ground support known as Havoc monitoring what comes in and what goes out so what we decided is to open up our own store and make fresh Crumpets every day for people to enjoy and still force people to eat crumpets if they don't like them. ----------------------------------------------------------Requirements:---------------------------------------------------------- - Must be 16 years old or above, - Must have a rebel license, - Must have a mature attitude, - Stable Bank balance, - Arma 3 experience and 700+ hours, - A good attitude to teamwork and Roleplay, - Good communication and understanding of the English Language, ----------------------------------------------------------Application:---------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Nationality: Arma 3 hours played: Why do you want to join Buttery Crumpets?: What will you bring to the team?: Tell us about you: ----------------------------------------------------------Roster:---------------------------------------------------------- Click For Roster Link mate
  4. Time Submitted: 11:09:44 PM | 04/25/19 Submitted By: Jamie Harrison (7709) In-Game Name: Mr Crumpet Steam / Player ID: 76561198212825084 Date of Event: 04/25/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/a Details of Event: So basically There was a hacker on the server at 11:50 and as I was in Kav all my gear got taken away and due to the hacker messing up the server and the hacker crashed my pc so i had to force restart my Pc and since that happened i couldn't save my last gear on record. Compensation Amount: Gun - 90,000 Ammo - 15.000 Uniform - 1,000 Vest - 90.000 Backpack 9,500 lockpics - 7,500 Total - 213000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. Nah just here mate because I've played on so many different servers and within past almost 2 weeks of playing we experienced a hacker every day.
  6. Same here because I've never had a problem with any other server I've been on. Then boost it up more that 10 minutes i was just relaying back to when you joined
  7. Then they would have more that 10 minutes on the game if they have
  8. ZeeVo mate that's my audio I hear in the game and the reason there is no audio at the middle is that I think I said some think I don't want being heard and this report really ain't about you.
  9. "Less New People" You'll lose people no matter what from the hackers joining every hour and you really think people will join back once they hear they need evidence for a comp for there gear because this is the 7th day in a row there was a hacker so @ClemeX there is a point of having that feature because of the alt accounts they make and this server isn't really getting people anyway and once you've fixed this issue I bet you guy would have more people.
  10. You guys should add the feature where new people to arma cant join the server
  11. To be honest the title says it all you guy really need to improve the Anti Cheat for Phoenix because people can't be asked to lose almost 500k / more worth of gear and there runs every hour because once I joined this server I've encountered so many hackers and its just taking the piss, to be honest with you and I'm sure it will be easier for you guys every time for someone coming to support every time and i hope you guys resolve this situation.
  12. Time Submitted: 12:49:36 AM | 04/22/19 Submitted By: Jamie Harrison (7709) Your In-Game Name: Jamie Harrison Who are you reporting?: Bradley Born - 76561198932109927 Time/Date of event: 1:00 AM 22/04/19 Rule's Broken: 5.1 NLR, 1.1 VDM, Explain what happened: So basically we killed Bradley at coral and our friend died in his heli so I took Bradley's car and tried to rush him to medics to get revived 1.5m and like not even 3 minutes later we come across these guys One being Bradley and so they rammed into me forcing me to stop the car since it was broken and i jumped out to talk to the guy and they tell me to put my hands up and shot me and didn't give me time to put my hands up. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etFL1nEtZ1s&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Lil Rusty.
  13. Was there any need for this?
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