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  1. Time Submitted: 02:22:31 PM | 09/28/19 Submitted By: Jacko (7706) In-Game Name: MerK Steam / Player ID: 76561198192481070 Date of Event: 02/28/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/626358921472376834/627510070812606474/unknown.png Details of Event: cocaine wasnt selling at the dealer. Compensation Amount: 180K Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. United Nation As the United Nation we specialise in keeping peace between all factions and civilians, we do this in many ways. For example we send a negotiator to the situation and if the negotiator is threatened or initiation on we will have the UN troops ready to fight off the rebels if right to do so. Our goal is to take over the Island and potentially make such big of an impact we could have a check point somewhere on the map for example agios bend to search vehicles for kidnapped people or bombs/explosives. We do not confiscate people fire arms if they are using them safely and correctly and not causing issues like gun fights, as we believe people should have there own right to carry any fire arm for there own protection. Ranking Structure Cadet (lasts 1-3 days whilst we evaluate you) Pvt (1 week, whilst you go through your training program) Cpl (5 achievement points to get promoted) Sgt (10 achievement points to get promoted) SgtMaj (20 achievement points to get promoted) Captain (your colonel will decide when your worthy a promotion) LtColonel (your colonel will decide when your worthy a promotion) Colonel (highest rank available) Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wGk87x7QHf8bnqtHmoenpkTvuP4J51OzCbpjs_QBtAI/viewform?edit_requested=true
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