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v2 has been released, read more here.


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  1. Duderz

    For our Mary.

    You guys are odd
  2. have a good one mate and don't worry you don't need to run
  3. just removing the fun for some cops
  4. cobra what do we do when the cop slots are full like they are at the moment do we just wait or something then ?
  5. if anything this is gonna push cops away from the server. putting the hours between them times is useless as it is when the sever is dead I was on at 12:30 today as a cop and their was like 6 people on and playing as a cop when it that dead is pointless as their is literally nothing to do if you want the rebel life to increase you cant deny cops playing with their non cop mates at like 20:00 when the server is actually active cause it will just make people jump onto other servers. if you want the server to get active don't stop the regulars from actually having fun cause they will just leave the server.
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