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    admin for a arma 3 server and run the discord for that server

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  1. hoopy233

    Compensation Request - lewis - 04/16/19 (Altis Life)

    i can try see if any of my team have any footage
  2. Time Submitted: 07:18:32 PM | 04/16/19 Submitted By: hoopy233 (7694) In-Game Name: lewis Steam / Player ID: 76561198078724846 Date of Event: 02/22/96 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8FfwPuytvA Details of Event: was just droving along and suddenly all our gear was gone me and me 3 mates had around 500k worth of gear on us unfortunately i only started recording when the just lost the gear but everyone in the chat was saying the same as if effected them aswel Compensation Amount: 400-500k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. hoopy233

    want to make an active group

    whats apc?
  4. hoopy233

    Need a partner to help grow my YouTube channel

    im down for that
  5. looking for other people to play with as im always solo kinda gets boring. if interested add me on discord Lewis#2268