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  1. Magicz

    I’m finally unbanned

    Savage ?????
  2. your profile songs a right banger 

  3. Magicz

    Syn | Syndicate | Recruitment

    sup g
  4. Magicz

    Syn | Syndicate | Recruitment

    ~ Requirements ~ MUST HAVE CARTEL KNOWLEDGE AND WILLING TO GO CARTELS WHEN EVER WE ASK TO DEFEND OR ATTACK -Financially stable -Tactical Communications -Good combat/Game Experience -Mature -Must have at least one member willing to vouch for them -We prefer people with alot of hours wanting 1.5k hours on this server (shows game experience) *Some exceptions can be made* ~ Application Format ~ InGame Name: Steam ID: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why would you like to join: What can you bring to: What current member could vouch for you: When you have posted your application on this thread it will either be Accepted or Denied Owners - @Magicz - @Brownyyy- @yanet garcia Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbNaP6oSLJXYM2LjObZ-a8FdcXNPBCV-3jELHf76NNI/edit#gid=346691901
  5. Magicz

    Ban Appeal - Magicz - 03/29/18 - Altis Life

    @y0rkie i know what your saying mate, please note that some of my bans like exploiting and advertising were proven that i wasnt actually at fault and was a misunderstanding. But i do have a few other bans, honestly when i came back to the server i improved in roleplay, i didnt start any gun fights at all, even ask @Victor we tried to roleplay together alot with HAVOC (for a change). and i came on to the server to chill more than to frag cause i know alot of people on it. It was just a mis understanding, i didnt think it was a rule break and i didnt do it to gain anything, it was a bunch of (not very armed rebels) some that i knew, i just hovered over them for a little while then went to fly off. i understand thats wrong now tbh but cause in support cases we had before i thought it was ok to do, now i know its not, before that incident i hadnt done anything else wrong and everything was pretty chill. Its up to you guys, ive had a break from Arma and want to play again with some mates.
  6. Time Submitted: 08:31:40 PM | 03/29/18 Submitted By: Magicz (766) In-Game Name: Magicz Steam / Player ID: 76561198307547316 Administrator who issued ban: foxhound Date of ban: 03/05/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I got banned for red rumming, basically i hovered over someone elses helicopter at black market, it was classed as powergaming in the end cause they had no way to get out of the situation. What reason was given for your ban? Powergaming Why should you be unbanned? Because i thought this was OK to do, we had done it many times in the past and also had it done to us, never thought it was classed as powergaming, zinner explained to me that it is ok to do it ONLY if your already in a situation that is active. I had no gun i was just doing it to some DNG guys that i knew as a laugh, it was abit of banter, i explained this but i received a ban for it regardless and then i left teamspeak and said bye. Nothing happened and no initaition happened either, as i went to fly off foxhound deleted my heli. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  7. Magicz

    Are you rich?

    Im very rich but also very banned
  8. Magicz

    DGN 180 Fail-rp

    That’s embarrassing
  9. Magicz

    Ban Appeal - Monsen - 03/01/18 - Altis Life

    Can i just say Monsen played with us once when he came on, he played with a friend and he just wanted hexagons so he knew who was who at a cartel and when he did a run with us once. To my knowledge the guy came on for probably 2 hours and was not involved in anything else. Hes a old time friend and hadnt played much at all
  10. Magicz


    They had one, then for some stupid reason it got took out.
  11. Magicz

    Nx | Noxious

    Im not in this gang mein Im not really active atm
  12. Anyone got Hunt Showdown?

    New game out, its pretty sick tbf, need more people to play it with.

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    2. Magicz


      Buy it and we will have a bash 

    3. J O S H

      J O S H

      i mite get it you na it look alright 

    4. Brownyyy
  13. Magicz

    Jump Script

    Been suggested so many times but they wont implement it. +1 though obvs
  14. Magicz


    Sup bitch
  15. Magicz

    Gang initiation rule

    Its ment when you get killed by the guy in side chat, you see the tags then on their name and you know it was not RDM