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    Going into support channel for cop baiting

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  1. Ifrit

  2. crashing heals you.

    I like this bug please no remove i crash alot
  3. Rebel Stuff

    Lower the income of runs..... thats whats fucked not the prices them selfs. Its already 450k for a MK1 its self, if prices are more than this people who come to the server are gonna be like... fuck this?? Lower runs simple
  4. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders ;)
  5.   Wow 😂😂 MUST BUY LADS


    1. fisher


      already got it

    2. Gaming_Ninja


      okay @Magicz you want multiplayer XDXDXDXDXD

  6. ~ SALE ~

    I ended up using it Msg me on ts later
  7. Bullet Proof bank walls.

  8. sidechat

    @Stefan Turn off stream friendly UI in settings, i turned it on by mistake once and had this issue
  9. Compensation Request - Magicz - 01/05/18

    Close this request ill just use them as they are ans buy more
  10. Compensation Request - magicz - 01/12/18

    Red zone, medics cant come, i respawned @Dex
  11. Capture zone

    What a melt
  12. TITAN>Rusty

    The song makes it that bit better 😂
  13. Capture zone

  14. ~ SALE ~

    1.3 Sold em 400k

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