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    Theres legit no challenge atm at all you was the only gang we would have a good fight against, we won some you won some, all though we didnt have many it was alot more fun than whats here at the moment, there needs to be something more for gangs to do as rebel life is weak atm and boring

    Well they do, but you only get the notification when there done, KEK
  3. Remove Green zone protection

    There should be a big punishment handed out for people who do this

    You literally may aswell take these out the game with what poor income you now receive , we had all 3 last night and got like 500k You legit dont even make enough in an hour having all three of them to compensate one gang member of gear if they was killed during. These zones like on every server are ment to reap great rewards, hence the risk going to attack and defend them (which it is now not worth the time or effort) You may think its an OP income, but is it really? Say you earn 3M in one restart, 3M is nothing spread out to 6 gang members who are packing 1m loadouts risking that loss. And dont forget the time and effort to go and defend them, this got rid of being combat hungry, so you would have gun fights there and RP other places alot more. every server gives out great rewards from cap zones why change this one? all the recent changes are shite, the server a few days ago was fine and everything worked as it should. Was speaking with a few gangs last night that feel exactly the same.
  5. Kappa Knows His Alphabet

    Actually made me laugh +1
  6. Kappa Knows His Alphabet

    Makes a gang post, gets banned hour later RIP
  7. ADF uniform not right skin

    Yeah ours is gone, good job me and a few others have copys of the image. i just think its weird how we have your uniform 🤔
  8. ADF uniform not right skin

    We [nexus] have your skin now? Wtf has happened 😂 Somethings obviously gone wrong and it needs fixing we need our skin back yours is the strider patterned camo isnt it? @Conner Merlin @Kayle Ravelle Could you sort this out? As i want to wear my own uniform, not ADFs, i dont like it 🙄😂
  9. Capture sectors

    Idk about nerfing them, its what makes everyone caps them, you do risk like 1m loadouts to do this and at the moment theres alot of gangs trying to cap them which is fun, if your going to nerf them, make it still worth while as thats where people go when abit combat hungry instead of starting shit in kavala etc, keeps some rebels out of trouble and gives you something worth fighting for
  10. Capture sectors

    Ive already suggested this before, that a notification should come up when capping an area, like on other servers. And alot of people turned round and told me this is a RP server not combat etc etc. Aparantly it would lure people to the zones more often (even though its by their choice if they do) quite annoying when you cap an area then some hobos with rooks go and sneakily take it without you knowing till they cap it and fly off..
  11. Frankie's phoenixRp montage

    Should of called it Katiba montage 😂
  12. The Bastam Family

    Limbless 😂 Im limbfull mate..
  13. The Bastam Family

    Someone cant take abit of bants 😂
  14. The Bastam Family

    There was 3 of you and 3 of us 😂 I only said this as u said u was putting it on document as banter jeeesus 😂😂😂😂😂 y so srs

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