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  1. General faction interviews

    In all seriousness, what with how much people already moan about the behaviour of the current Police force - can you imagine the reduction in quality we'd get if we made them easier?
  2. General faction interviews

    That isn't saying much. Have you seen the people who work in Sainsburys? Most of them dribble when they speak.
  3. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    If you're going to quote me I'd appreciate you quoting the following statement as well - as it shows my actual opinion and not an altered fragment of it. I gave my opinion as requested, the choice isn't down to me whether they wish to punish @Tim for any perceived rule break. I personally see nothing wrong with what happened - you failed to value your own lives by driving back into a situation where you'd been threatened. The onus is on you to suffer the fallout from any decisions that you personally make. @Tim - If they're not willing to accept compensation to tidy this up, are you able to provide video evidence from the Police's side of the situation to show that you took shots?
  4. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    @Tim - Whether it seems like a revenge report or not, I did suggest that they take it to the forums if they weren't satisfied with the results of the support room conversation. I'd like to point out from the start that Johnny Mac had to be unbanned from TS from the very start for disrespect to staff, and I wasn't overly impressed with his attitude in general. At one point @Tim mentioned that not everyone has perfect aim and one of the two SMG members states 'That's obvious' - which they both found rather amusing. If the purpose of a roleplay server has to be reiterated to you then please don't hesitate to ask, as arrogance over perceived FPS/TPS/Fragging skills is neither appreciated or demanded here. You made a clean getaway from the Police the first time and decided to circle back around in order to pick someone up - after a second, far more clear initiation, the vehicle started getting shot. If the Police then started taking shots from a separate location I stated that I see absolutely no issue with them treating those shots as coming from a threat related to or associated with yourselves. You drove back into a dangerous situation and now wish to register a report because you didn't get away with it. -- Obviously, I dealt with this in the support room so I can't make a judgement, I'll leave this down to the staff leads @Cryant @FoxHound @Zinner - but if @Tim is offering compensation, I believe that seems more than fair.
  5. 2018 = Fucked up! 18+

  6. Tazing

    I can certainly have a look into it.
  7. Farewell for now, kinda

    I think @Kayle is a Nigger deserves far more credit than I do, to be honest. This is the departure post I never expected to end up reading, @Kevin - I'm shocked and surprised, though I can do nothing but respect someone's decision to put real life before anything else. I hope we'll keep seeing you around bud, for PUBG, Euro Truck or anything else. Every conversation we've had has been a pleasure, you've always done the best for everyone here. Best of luck, bud.
  8. Ninj appreciation day

  9. Ban Appeal - Boothy - 12/25/17

    @Conner Merlin - Want to field this one bud? Apology is directed at you.

    1. Kayle Ravelle

      Kayle Ravelle

      Back to business, it seems. 

  11. I tried to order some bread from the local Indian restaurant, but apparently they have naan.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ms. Rose

      Ms. Rose

      Because all of it got delivered to Tim's house :34_rolling_eyes:

    3. Kevin


      I asked for a curry and they kept saying to put it vin the loo


    4. ninj


      o I get the jokes now


    The logic behind Moonshine was that it's also sold in HAVOC territory. HAVOC doesn't care about meth because it's sold over the border, which is meant to act like a different country. Moonshine is dangerous and sold in HAVOC territory, that's why they hate it.
  13. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-of-heroes-2

    This is free for another day or so, it's a good game.

    1. Kevin


      Look who finally decides to surface again XD 

    2. Kayle Ravelle

      Kayle Ravelle

      I poke my head above the parapet every now and again.

    3. Labrador


      Imma get this.

  14. Rachel Reddington

    I'm washing my hair for the next thirty years so I might miss it.

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