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  1. Kayle Ravelle


  2. Kayle Ravelle


    From the first day you joined @Ninj you only wanted to do what was right by the server. Never cared for gunfights or to ruin anyone's time. You were in the Police when we met and all you wanted to do was patrol. It was my pleasure to help you out. Taking you under my wing was one thing, but it was your drive to do the best you could that made all the difference. People might take the piss out of you for your age, but it's a pity more people aren't anywhere near as mature as your attitude is.
  3. Kayle Ravelle


    Despite all the anti Wehraboo banter I usually throw your way @Raymond Reddington I've always respected you. Very few people eagerly engage in the depths of administration that you were willing to do in order to improve whatever or wherever you found yourself. I do hope you'll still pop up from time to time for those Hearts of Iron games. I don't need to cheat when I'm better than you.
  4. Kayle Ravelle

    Delta tanks

    That's a fair point. It's a situation we can keep an eye on but it's not something we're looking to intervene with - it's better to leave factions to work things out between themselves. Could be worthwhile speaking to the leaders of the factions and putting your case forward.
  5. Kayle Ravelle

    Delta tanks

    Realistically that's a discussion to be had between DELTA and the APC - provided APC leadership has no issue with it, I don't see the problem.
  6. Kayle Ravelle

    Delta tanks

    We're classing it as an MRAP for VDM rule purposes. It's easier than adding another clause.
  7. Kayle Ravelle

    God dam it Matty James..

    Jokes on you bucko, I never learn anything
  8. Kayle Ravelle

    God dam it Matty James..

    Motion Blur.
  9. Kayle Ravelle

    vote day+

    Not happening. A day and night cycle plays into RP too well - it's an RP server, not a Rust server.
  10. Kayle Ravelle

    Havoc lands

    Still relevant.
  11. Kayle Ravelle

    Altis Life Best RP moments and videos

    Shameless self-plug.
  12. Kayle Ravelle

    Altis Life Personal Event

    Just because they're permitted doesn't mean we really -need- them. We don't want to seem vehemently 'anti-fun' by forbidding these montages entirely, When you combine clips from a community it stops being a single person's efforts and starts looking like a trend, we don't want to make it appear that combat is our primary focus on this server. There are no actual RP montages and far too many frag ones. We're not going to stop people making them, as that wouldn't be right - but a bit of balance would be handy, which we don't have yet.
  13. Kayle Ravelle

    Qilins 50cal

    I apologise that this thread seems to have devolved into a slagging match so I'll lock it. I'll discuss this at our next Management meeting but I highly doubt there'll ever be a new armed vehicle added, we really don't require one.