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  1. HOI 4 Campaign

    Works for me. Adding it.
  2. HOI 4 Campaign

    I'll add another 10 million to the prize pool to make this a little more enticing. Had a chat with @Raymond Reddington - he agrees that teams may be the best way to do this given the nature of the game - as such, the teams stand as: Allies: @Birdy @Thomas White @Dextrinity7 Axis: @Raymond Reddington @Labrador @Taylor Watson Comintern: @Kayle Ravelle The prize money of £20,000,000 can be divided into 1st place + runners up. This can be calculated by war contribution points. We'll consider a win once WW2 as a whole has ended. --- The rules are simple enough: No influencing other country's politics or inciting coups. No justifying war goals or claiming land until 1938. Any other rules people may wish to add?
  3. HAVOC quadbike adventures:


    1. ninj


      Funny cuz it's true

  4. HOI 4 Campaign

  5. HOI 4 Campaign

    Calling Soviet Union.
  6. Moonshine - Escalation

    This thread was designed as an informative document for people to be aware of changes in HAVOC's legislation, it was the last thing I did before getting made Management and having to give up General. People are supposed to take this as in-character information to warn them to be cautious, it wasn't designed to turn into a dick measuring contest between two seperate parties. I'm forced to lock this now to avoid further nonsense, HAVOC shouldn't rise to the challenge of a forum war. As far as things go for you @Ronnie Kray - You've barely been on this server for five minutes so far, don't act dangerous and threatening when absolutely no one knows who you are. You know nothing about what HAVOC does, so don't act like you do.
  7. Congratulations mate! Deserved all the way - Frankie's always here to clear your hit lists for a price. :)

  8. Thank you all for your kind words, I won't let you down.


  9. Thanx Phoenix

    I'm a fat man who sits at a computer and I have to warn you, these devices just get lost in my folds.
  10. Congratz on the promotion :D well deserved :)

  11. Compensation Request - Billy Mcrea - 10/19/17

    @WarlordxD - This playerID is showing no results in our files, can you please confirm the correct one?
  12. Compensation Request - Hakui_000 - 10/08/17

    @Hakui_000, we need your arma 3 player id to look into this...
  13. The G.O.A.T mate, well deserved.

  14. Congrats on your management role mate 

  15. Congrats buddy. Well Deserved!


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