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  1. I have a stepladder, I never knew my real ladder.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ThomasLubanga
    3. Kevin


      Take your time Kayle, we'll be here whenever you feel like you want to come back :)

    4. ninj


      I can't wait for whenever u come back 

  2. is screaming HANDS initiation ?

    That's sufficient initiation. A police officer is pointing a taser at you saying 'Hands!' - you know the threat and you know what he wants you to do. Everyone has seen a police tv show once in their life, they're all over the bloody place.
  3. Kayle Ravelle

    Well thank you @ninj - Is this an attempt to get me to return from my week off early?
  4. what's the point of jets in altis life ?

    Because jets improve this song:
  5. Cinematic Actors

    I'll help you out with it, if you like.
  6. Havoc still working with police ?

    Oh well, never mind then - guess it doesn't matter. Stop derailing the thread.
  7. Havoc still working with police ?

    Any evidence?
  8. Havoc still working with police ?

    We always make people take masks off in the checkpoint anyway. Not down to me to dictate Police standards, take it up with the Complaints Commission.
  9. Havoc still working with police ?

    Sounds like it sucks to be you then. I doubt the Police metagamed you.
  10. Ban Appeal - Mitch - 08/13/17

    I'll remove the ban from you, Mitch. But consider yourself on a last warning for VDM - Don't let me see you be reported for it again.
  11. Fragtage (hacker caught on tape, NOT CLICKBAIT***)

    It's fine, I'm insured.
  12. Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    After some deliberation, I've decided to accept this report based on me issuing a warning to Jimmy. Some of the things he did were questionable and hanging around in or near the Greenzone is a concerning activity when you're trying to rob people. Accepted.
  13. Havoc still working with police ?

    We maintain cordial relations with the Police and are still available to be called in to assist with hostage and bank operations.
  14. Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    Personally? I'd say that there's no actual rule about camping the Green Zone, it's just a scummy thing to do. The initiation on that quad bike was terrible though, you gave him no chance to respond @Jimmy and just took the opportunity to gun the guy down. Whether @Phoonix is banned or not has no bearing over this report. Can you explain your actions for me @Jimmy? Any reason you shouldn't be punished?
  15. Player Report - Randy - 08/15/17