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  1. Yo, was thinking about that it would be cooler and better to crate a Anti-terrorist Police unit, that are send on hostage rescue situations and on a House Raids on most dengerous peoples and gangs houses and they will not make regular patrols on streets, it would be cool if they could have own blacks uniforms and own other looking vehicles and a flashbangs and maybe a riot and own Police station if its even possible, and l think they should be allowed to shoot the terrorist immediately when they have a hostage as it is possible l personally think it would be cool if the police were doing alot of house raids cus people would be more carefull and many of theare rich players will become less rich and, l am not saying they could do houses raid everyday maybe 5 raids each week like in irl life, in irl life Anti-terrorist police units do, couples raids a week. for example https://gyazo.com/4d4debbd9c49354ecff2e83ac6f38bed https://gyazo.com/2866597260143fbfecbaea18f009e348 https://gyazo.com/d4330616a2e20a1e447a0cf80a30dfc5 https://gyazo.com/81e5bcd790ad50d84c42638151299b48 https://gyazo.com/ace635dab258c7fc673c2c17d10c1c2e B
  2. Dont know how much they are worth
  3. Item Name: mk-i emr 7.62 mm Screenshot:https://gyazo.com/94c27e2feccb5f90e3da84d041b06da3 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 600k Minimum Increment: 50k w 31mags
  4. +positive dude

    1. Theodore


      Thank you buddy, likewise :) 

    2. Inka


      no, this a bad guy

    3. Kyro
  5. Kyro

    yooo ma dude

  6. cus he asked me in chat how l heard him 😃 u all being so suspicious l will remove this discussions cus to many ppl asking its annoying.
  7. well idk than l can hear the admins when fallowing me, after u left the game about 40min later a Fulton was watching me and l again heard him running next to me
  8. Kyro


    Me:https://gyazo.com/d044d663350bc3ba633cc26cf3e9eeb2 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::https://gyazo.com/69ef39dc8da028f01bb05fda2beff0da
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