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  1. Your so good we slammed northern all in one qillins for jokes wow your really good. would you like to explain how you still lost that fight xd
  2. WoAh sO eDgY aNd CoOl HoW CaN I bE LiKe YoU. Too bad im not a snokeflake ot be arsed about it xd but you have reached a low for even me. But epic roleplay lads keep it up!
  3. Staying on the forums a lot for someone who has left phoenix and ''going outside'. I love how you have to make a post about going outside to flex that your going outside so sad.
  4. stop crying you play a game for fun if your not having fun leave
  5. Hes clearly a superior gamer
  6. put the view link on instead
  7. What exactly wrong with that then?
  8. Wow your really funny now then what gang are you in now?
  9. Overruled ape Declined @IlleFreeDont put those TKs in the fraggy please
  10. Do you see everyone rolling around in ifrits all the time?
  11. linky

    GL frag

    @goldshotdidnt you get banned for hacking and playing like this your a fucking ape.
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