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  1. allow niu to go to cartels make them contested a lot more
  2. 3^ sussebass did nothing wrong
  3. Right imagine having the ability to have a graphics designer but none of his skins get added to the server, I was in a discord call with 4 others because he was showing us how to make skins and shit, he had created gang skins and is very talented but when the update is pushed the skins are nothing like he had created. If you want to have a good server we need a bit of diversity and originality because to me ive seen very similar skins elsewhere and this fella is very good at what he does.
  4. Not true I don't think you understand that a lot of people haven't logged on to see the changes you have to remember the changes only happened at 8 gmt last night
  5. Give a I think your right the mentality of rebels is shit they want everything handed to them on a plate, However I can understand playing against havoc and police is a pain but the whole of havoc doesn't turn up to fight constantly in cartels the max amount of havoc that turns up is normally around 4 to 5 most of the time it's just lance corps with katibas. I also hate the mindset tho of 7.62 makes you a unstoppable god simply incorrect. I do fully think runs are fine but prices should be lowered I think as still can be grindy. Also yes you can make 20m each restart but that in practice isn't really possible at prime times. Finally Finch I think it's unreasonable to blame the 30% loss in players on he fact that some people are doing exams in doing exams personally I don't spend all 24 hours on revising. This is FINALLY rebel life isn't going to boost up cause people have lost guns if anything people in factions will leave the server join another one or make rebels leave cause factions being harsher on civs to take weapons.
  6. Thing is if we turn this into a faction vs factions forum post staff won't take any notice of it keep shit how it is now, for me I would like to keep things on topic. Tbh sick of the havoc causes all problems or police cause all problems sort of shit this is about rebels getting a easier life and it should stay as this.
  7. Ngl but but I've tried a little bit to keep this away from a faction vs faction forum post so please either fuck off from the thread or add something to do with the rebels thanks Jelle + Inka. I could go on for hours about cops so don't even try.
  8. When I say mass unban I don't mean wipe the ban list I don't want cheater swamping the server again I'm saying give those who have been banned for rdm vdm toxicity nlr etc to be unbanned if they were to make a unban.
  9. if you want more tell me and I'll add more arguements
  10. I've been playing phoenixrp for a month now and have enjoyed myself for the most part. However recently factions have been severely nerfed as a part of the bring back rebel scheme, in my opinion the way about this problem has actually made the problem worse like adding lemon juice to a cut. However I'm not going to get about how shit it is for this nerf but more of the likes of other solutions from a player that has played more in the past month than any of the project leads has in 6 months. Enough of the TLDR this is my solutions: Making civs log on, my way of getting civs to log on even only for a short period of time is introducing log in bonus for exam say you log on for 1 day maybe you get 250k bonus however you log on for 7 days and on the 7th day you get a chance to obtain something rare or something expensive like a ifrit or other mrap. Could be looked into more but you should look at what players want and that's diversity everyone want something that is rare and something others form have and providing a option to the players that can get them this is a good incentive. Prices chopped across the board other servers have this problem but getting people to do runs is a thing of the past however making prices just simply lower will make civs do runs because they can get more for their money that way. Please listen to the community if you want it to survive then listen to them and act on what they want I could list 10s of post talking about prices within the last month or two so please just listen to the people playing your server. Runs buff them make them shorter whatever needs to be do e frankly anything is an improvement it's what everyone wants so give it to them. Adding on about diversity give civs the option to buy a hunter prowler with and without doors strider etc make the civs feel like he can buy anything he want likes he browsing through the arma 3 editor. Finally probs the most controversial but it's worked for other communities but mass unbans obviously not for cheaters and other shit things like script kiddies but for people who want a 3rd 4th or 5th chance frankly as a good gesture to revive the server back to 130 people. I said more controversial on the last but don't ban people for saying shit like spastic, mong and retard like no one wants to play on a snowflake server so let's be honest side chat ban people who are excessively toxic forum ban whatever but don't game ban active players cause he called someone a spastic at the end of the day it's just words and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Come on have laugh when someone is salty instead of swinging the ban hammer it's 2019 let's just enjoy arma before it's dies.
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