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  1. linky

    Alfies #4

    Your a weapon I cant be arsed arguing with you considering you have thousands of hours and still fucking awful Go back to ripping ideas from other servers and taking a million hours in the process what a joke
  2. linky

    Alfies #4

    do you even get a double at all in this 3 minute shit and that watermark is a belter
  3. call it quits now lads
  4. linky

    TST BTw - Dancin

    why do ppl do this its so cringe
  5. Infistar can be triggered by steam workshop mods
  6. I couldn't careless about that server would never play that shit its worth than this shit hole
  7. Sorry but no one wants to play a server where you can say youre awful and get a toxicity ban, where you can purchase something from the auction to get todl youre not having it then get it refunded 7+ monthes later @Ethan |, a server where admins are watching youre every move and if you step a toe out of line you can a large sentence, a server where 1 faction is scared to go near the other, a server where everyones ratty and the list goes on and on and on.
  8. Actually what would that change in the grand scheme of things? @Messiah
  9. I cant tell if youre being serious or not
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