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  1. Thereโ€™s not many gangs to get rid of though. Buffing rebel life is one of the ways they are trying to increase rebel life. This real also does make gangs focus on RP...
  2. The. Community Get what gets accepted by Community Board if it seems like it will cause issues they will choose the correct decision and go against it. Then again this is an RP server and a bit of Roleplay isnโ€™t too bad mate. Atleast youโ€™re having a conversation and have time to get ready before someone initiates.
  3. Well then youโ€™ve been misinformed and they clearly lied to you
  4. Well you could actually listen to both sides of the story , be open minded , understand the situation then contribute your thoughts on it. Rather than come here to argue the one part of the situation you were falsely informed about
  5. Clearly your very clueless and donโ€™t know how the APC should work
  6. Well if you understood what actually happened to sean then you probably wouldnโ€™t be blaming TFU
  7. Sorry dude Iโ€™m living life on 20,000 at that moment
  8. We have been told rebel life was going to be buffed the ideas the devleopment team came up with was exactly what we wanted so when is this going to be done ? When exactly is rebel life going to become what the community wants it to be ? โ€œLoadout prices, run prices and more are also being looked into next to see what can be done there but in my view, these are already fine where they are. The events team are also being asked to look into more "rebel" orientated" events that will pull more people.โ€ Firstly we have loadout prices, some of these prices are reasonable but most are highly disputable. Decreasing loadout prices or INCREASING Run profit would make revel life much better. I havenโ€™t seen any active big gangs anymore and this is really concerning. Only gang we see around are sins now so we need these changes to happen at least bit by bit. Even the new cop rule has fucked up a lot of shit in the server in my opinion I understand Zyn has said already to speak to the police board but all they are doing is โ€˜DisCusSingโ€™. I donโ€™t fucking understand what there is to discuss about this rule was out voted meaning it SHOULDNT be on the server. Next we have Rebel ITEMS. I think that curtain weapons should be added at High prices and Long range scopes once again at HIGH prices this would make rebel life that but more interesting and fun. I also have a suggestion with the gang system. If there was an actual way for gangs to interact through a web and sell curtain things such as a Website added to the Y menu where Gangs can bid on GANG vehicles , Faction gear , Faction vehicles and more.By GANG vehicles I mean Being able to have vehicles that are there for the gang meaning anyone in the gang can pull them these vehicles. This means a gang Garage would be added or an extra part of the garage interaction that says Gang Garage. It would be cool if there were also actual Faction wrapped vehicles put on this website aswell these prices would be quite high and this would help decrease the amount of money thatโ€™s going around the server. THE web would only be useable by gangs with 3 or more people inside
  9. So do you agree or disagree with this suggestion
  10. As I said , I believe many people would prefer Being able to by DMSs and Weapons of sorts than what they have now , starting from scratch would make it great for everyone. They would get weapons other people canโ€™t get and shit but it would cost a reasonable price for what ever gun it is .
  11. But loads of people have 100 million + or have hit otit It would only make sense if it all got wiped . Think about how fun it would be first day everyone trying to do runs and make money using rooks and shit
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